What We Want From Pokémon On Switch

By Nathan Anstadt

With Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee and Let’s Go, Pikachu out in the wild now, it’s time to look ahead at what to expect and – more importantly – what we want from the next proper Pokémon game on Switch. Several of Pokémon’s core features were wiped out or altered for the airier Let’s Go games, and while that fit the tone of those games, for the mainline series’ first foray onto a home console, we’d like to see something more substantial. Here is what we would like to see change for the upcoming eighth generation:

More Diversity in Wild Pokémon Encounters

Tired: Random battles
One of the more drastic changes in Let’s Go was ditching random encounters in favor of having the monsters physically spawn on the map. This meant you could choose to engage with them or not, so you could finally make it through Mt. Moon without being swarmed by Zubats. While this is a great change that we think should be maintained, we’d love to see Pokémon branch out and offer a greater variety of ways to initiate an encounter.

Desired: More creativity
Some of the best examples of this were in Pokémon Diamond and …read more

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