Umbrella Gives Upcoming ‘Tidy Robots’ and ‘Fast Track’ Release Dates and Trailers

By Jared Nelson

Umbrella is one of the busiest publishers/developers on the App Store, and today they’ve set the release dates for two of their many upcoming mobile games they’re planning on launching this year. The first is for a game called Tidy Robots which we originally were given a hands-on demo of back at GDC in March. The game is about a bunch of toys who come to life and have a big old party in the toy shop where they live while it’s closed, but come morning time they’ve left an awful mess and must work to clean things up before the shop owner gets wise to what happened. That cute little premise and the colorful visuals in Tidy Robots are deceptive though, as the game is actually a series of logic puzzles that will test every ounce of your brain matter. Here’s the official trailer.

Tidy Robots is set to release on September 21st on both iOS and Android and will come with 80 hand-crafted levels as well as brand new levels released weekly. It’ll be “Completely FREE to play” but no word on if there will …read more

Source:: Touch Arcade

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