Trailer Tuesday – Shattered Neon Love Treasure

By Joel Couture

Trailer Tuesday takes us back to the cruel days post WWII, into stories told three words at a time, and into the shoes of final bosses this week.

Svoboda 1945

Svoboda 1945 immerses you in the story of a small town in the Czech-German borderlands. Its past is scarred by the violence that rocked the region in the wake of the Nazi retreat at the end of World War II. Revisit dark personal histories in an attempt to find reconciliation in this new game from the creators of Attentat 1942.”

Svoboda 1945 is currently in development, but in the meantime, you can add it to your Steam Wishlist or follow its creation on the game’s site.


“Choose your path, every decision leads to a new ending. Will you find the real one? Is there such a thing? Only one way to know…”

Reventure is available now on Steam.

Golden Treasure: The Great Green

Golden Treasure: The Great Green is a hand-painted game about choices, survival, and life as a non-human being. Players take on the role of a dragon and must survive the …read more

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