Top 10 Games of BitSummit 7 Spirits: ‘Last Labyrinth’

By Joel Couture

Last Labyrinth finds you lashed to a wheelchair, only able to communicate with your gaze and a laser pointer in a house filled with complex puzzles and lethal traps.

Luckily, a young girl seems keen to help you get through the house, silently following your instructions as you look around. Well, luckily for you, but unlucky for her. Because I don’t always have the right idea what to do to work the odd mechanisms in this place, resulting in some grim ends for the two of us.

The naturally-immersive nature of VR works wonders for this horror title, especially with the narrative setup. Being confined to a wheelchair makes sense within the framework of sitting down and wearing a headset, so there’s a kind of logic to it all. Still, it feels confining as you play. You want to go manipulate things yourself, but you can’t within the frame of the game, forcing a feeling of helplessness on you. This only gets stronger when some danger comes your way, which WILL happen soon enough.

To get through the gloomy mansion, you’ll need to communicate things to Katia, a girl who’s presumably trapped in here with you. Katia’s free to move around, and …read more

Source:: GamaSutra

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