Top 10 Games of BitSummit 7 Spirits: ‘here AND there’

By Joel Couture

here AND there hides universes within its soothing pictures, with jokes and charming events awaiting but a touch to awaken.

At home, in town, or by the sea, there’s a great deal to see and find. The game presents you with a handful of drawn places you can visit, letting you just take in the calming locales. When curiosity gets the best of you, though, you can tap at specific places in the image, watching surprising things come to life.

It’s just a delight to see what’s hidden in each picture. You’d think you could guess what would happen when you tap some objects in the foreground, or when you give your big red dog a little nudge, but the game is filled with this surreal sense of humor that makes it difficult to figure out what will happen next. All you need to know is that this vibrant world is itching to surprise you, and that it will constantly offer new, silly things for you to see as you play around.

The game perfectly captures a sense of curiosity in its still images, but does so on top of the joy that lies in staring out into these places and taking …read more

Source:: GamaSutra

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