These Are Resident Evil 2’s Most Hilarious Mods

By Hunter Wolfe

Resident Evil 2 is a terrifying game. Your ammo stock is always teetering on empty, zombies you thought you killed reanimate (again) when you least expect them to, and there’s a menacing, fedora-wearing figure called Mr. X who hunts you through the corridors of Raccoon City’s police station. To classify this game as “horror” is an understatement.

Thankfully, several players have uploaded mods that make exploring Raccoon City a little less frightening. Here are some NexusMods that transform Resident Evil 2 from survival-horror to survival-comedy.

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We knew Mr. X packed a punch, but this mod by MisterHecks shows how much heat the Tyrant is packing. “Beachboy X” gets rid of your nemesis’ imposing trenchcoat and fedora, replacing them with slick shades and, ahem, a little umbrella.

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Thomas The Tank Engine over MR X

You knew it would happen eventually. This mod by ZombieAli swaps out Mr. X for Thomas the Train. For the full effect, we recommend using this mod in tandem with DJPop’s audio mod, which replaces Mr. X’s heavy footsteps with the whoosh of a chugging steam train and …read more

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