The Virtual Life – Into The Breach And The Sanctity Of Life

By Javy Gwaltney

The artillery is a smouldering heap, devastated by giant kaiju’s claw swipe. The pilot inside, a good soldier, is gone. But the loss wasn’t for nothing. I watch as the round timer at the top of the screen hits zero, and the giant bugs terrorizing humanity, known as the Vek, descend back into the earth once more, leaving these vulnerable cities untouched. A breeze of relief blows through my chest.

We did it. No civilians died.

The relief is my only celebration. I click the exit battle button and move onto the next mission, trying hard not to think about the loss of my pilot.

Into The Breach is a game that combines the mech vs kaiju battlegrounds of Pacific Rim and Neon Evangelion Genesis with chess. And like most strategy games, Into The Breach is constantly forcing you to weigh the scales when it comes to the tactical value of units around the map. Is it worthwhile for you to throw your mech and its pilot in harm’s way to protect a city (essentially a unit of health for you, the tactician) or a possible upgrade that’s just landed on the battlefield in the form of a pod, or should you preserve …read more

Source:: Game Informer

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