The Scariest Games We’ve Played

By Andrew Reiner

Kids dressed up as various Fortnite characters are likely going to ring your doorbell and yell “trick or treat” tonight. After you hand them candy, and perhaps watch them perform one of Fortnite’s dance moves before vacating your property, we suggest diving into a horror game to end your Halloween night. We recommend playing one of the scariest games ever made – a game that may make you put the controller down and say “Nope. I can’t go on.” Which game could frighten you this much? I polled Game Informer’s staff to find out which game they would deem “the scariest of all time.” Along with some of the heavy hitters of video game horror, some staffers picked the game that defined this genre for them. One writer also picked a game that should scare no one.

We hope this list leads to a night of terrifying screeches and popcorn being thrown due to jump scares. Let us know in the comments section below which game you’d classify as the scariest ever made.

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