The Games Brian Shea Finished In 2017

By Brian Shea

Each year I relish the opportunity to play through as many games as possible before the calendar turns. I don’t look at this solely as a challenge as a gamer, but also a way for me to get as full a picture as possible so that I can make educated statements about the year as a whole in my professional life. I know it’s always going to be impossible to keep up with all the big and noteworthy releases each year, but that was especially true in 2017.

Last year, when I did this list for 2016, I reflected back on how amazing games were during that year, but I don’t think I could have ever prepared myself for what 2017 would bring. I played plenty of new and exciting experiences, but I also found myself relying on old favorites from last year. Despite my fervor dying down a bit, I still poured over 100 additional hours into Overwatch, my favorite game of last year, and Pokémon Go, a title that continues to deliver a markedly different experience from any game I’ve ever played. However, I tried to limit my time most nights so that I could experience the goldmine …read more

Source:: Game Informer

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