The Fight To Make Games Accessible For Everyone

By Javy Gwaltney

In the decades since their inception, video games have blossomed from their humble origins into a fully-fledged (not to mention handsomely profitable) art form. Around the world, gamers have been seduced by the power and escapism that digital worlds like Skyrim and Hyrule offer and moved by poignant storytelling in titles like What Remains Of Edith Finch. A large portion of consumers and developers have often trumpeted the belief that games are for everyone. However, for a large portion of the gaming population that belief is a hollow fantasy.

Players with physical disabilities have often turned to third-party manufacturers or outreach groups to create custom (and pricey) controllers just to have a chance to enjoy the video games that able-bodied gamers have played for years. Players with disabilities who are less fortunate have often found themselves excluded from the joys of games entirely. However, the passionate efforts of grassroots activist organizations dedicated to accessibility as well as the prominence of social media platforms have challenged the industry to make the notion that video games are for everyone a reality – a challenge that is finally starting to be accepted in a big way.

The Big Three

For many years, Sony, Nintendo, …read more

Source:: Game Informer

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