The Division 2 Review in Progress: A Quick Check-In

By James Duggan

I’m now at the precipice of The Division 2’s endgame – and my progression to max level was enjoyable, if not a little ordinary. There is a clearly similar mission structure present in each of the 11 PvE zones, but new activities are introduced as you progress, and the freedom to tackle these tasks in any order you wish keeps it from feeling like a grind. The post-collapse backdrop of Washington, D.C. is astonishingly well-realized, with each nook and cranny generously littered with chests and collectibles.

When you roam into a new area you’ll be greeted by a safe house, capture points, story missions, and a host of other activities. There are elite patrols to annihilate, friendly resource convoys to protect, supply drops to be captured, and some other odds and ends. These activities are enjoyable in their own right, but they usually result in loot and show up on your map to entice you when available. I was, however, pleased to find that not everything that’s worth doing could be found on a map. You’ll find usually find a chest at the end of an otherwise pointless expedition which meant I never felt bad about indulging my …read more

Source:: IGN

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