The Division 2 Is Actually Fun – At Launch!

By Jeff Marchiafava

Last year ended with a flurry of huge, time-intensive games to play, and so far 2019 is following course. Live-service games are becoming more and more prevalent, and while I like the idea of having a game I can play forever (besides Yakuza’s mahjong mini-game), my real-world experience hasn’t lived up to the fantasy. My love affairs with games like Monster Hunter: World and Destiny 2 have been passionate but short-lived, and while I’ve been having fun with Anthem, it’s also made me mutter more obscenities than Yosemite Sam.

While I’ve entertained the notion that I just might not be a huge fan of live-service games, I’m not willing to dole out the it’s-not-you-it’s-me reprieve. Most times it is definitely them, to the point where “live-service” feels synonymous with “half-done,” or “broken as all get-out.” In fact, I think we tend to give live-service games too much slack; because they are (ideally) continually updated and added to by the developers, we view the launch of a live-service game as a starting point and not, you know, a sales transaction with paying customers that expect a full, functional product?

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