The 10 Best RPGs To Play On Halloween

By Kimberley Wallace

Happy Halloween! I knew when this iteration of my column landed on this day I had to showcase the genre’s spookier offerings. That means giving you a varied list that captures everything we know and love about this occasion, from the psychological terrors to the more lighthearted elements. Get yourself in the Halloween spirit by starting up one of these RPGs. Who knows? You might just find a new game to try, or be reminded of a classic you’ve been meaning to revisit.

Parasite Eve (PS1)
As Square’s first M-rated game, Parasite Eve delivers plenty of tense and startling moments, as you go toe-to-toe with an entity hellbent on destroying mankind through spontaneous combustion. Its comparisons to the Silent Hill and Resident Evil series are apt, as you fight your way through mutated creatures and seek answers. Close corridors and sensational bosses with everything from a Spider Woman to a T-Rex keep things interesting, and most importantly, you on your toes.

Costume Quest (PS3, Xbox 360, PC, iOS, Android)
Halloween is really about one thing…trick-or-treating! Double Fine’s Costume Quest captures this aspect wonderfully as you travel across a neighborhood in search of a monster who kidnapped your sibling. Along the way, you …read more

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