Tazer Bots, Drones & Crime Predictions: China’s Sci-Fi Police Revolution

By Cate Cadell

Eight years ago the world was momentarily entertained by images of armed Chinese ‘Segway’ divisions performing what was said to be an anti-terrorist drill in Shandong province during the run-up to the Beijing Olympics.

The crew was panned by critics worldwide, who pointed out that the recoil from discharging a weapon on the knock-off Segways would probably send them flying backwards, not to mention the obvious issue of pursuing a criminal capable of climbing stairs.

While the show of force wasn’t as intimidating as probably intended, it did make one thing very clear: China’s crime-stoppers are not afraid to look a little silly in the pursuit of hi-tech policing.

Fast-forward eight years and a lot has changed, including the sale of Segway’s parent company to Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi, which in 2008 wouldn’t exist for another two years. However China continues to straddle the line between science and sci-fi when it comes to policing, and they apparently still have no qualms road-testing a few lemons.

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