SwitchArcade Roundup: ‘Just Shapes and Beats’, ‘West of Loathing’, and Too Many New eShop Releases

By Carter Dotson

Welcome to the SwitchArcade Roundup for May 31st! It’s been a crazy month for Switch releases, and everyone just kind of decided to drop even more new games on us, it seems. Like, there are 16 new releases today. And it’s not just a bunch of throwaway titles, there are some solid originals and ports in the bunch. Plus, Sega released the third episode of the awesome Sonic Mania Adventures cartoon shorts, so watch that, then browse through all the new releases, and a few relevant sales!

New Releases

Lost Sea ($9.99)

I dig cel-shaded graphics and hope they make a big return someday. Thankfully, Lost Sea is here to give me the cel-shading I crave. You get stranded on a mysterious island in the sea, and have to recruit survivors, and find items and upgrades to help you survive and eventually get off of the island. We have to go back, Kate…and play this game again! A little Lost reference there for you. Though, the real winner of mystery shows this millennium? Gravity Falls. It actually has a satisfying conclusion and answers all the important questions! But it doesn’t take place on an island unless …read more

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