SwitchArcade Presents: The Best Nintendo Switch Games of 2018

By Shaun Musgrave

Hello, gentle readers, and welcome to the final SwitchArcade of 2018. Fittingly, I’ve decided to dedicate this edition to looking at the best games of the year. As is often the case with this kind of thing, it was incredibly hard to cut the list down to a manageable ten games, and I’ve no doubt that many of you will be wondering where your favorite games are. The answer is probably that they were excruciatingly cut at the last minute. Feel free to comment with your list, and as always, the more details about why you liked those games, the better. Let’s remember old acquaintances!

10. Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

A fan-fueled homage to a classic Japanese series created by Western developers. A failed Kickstarter. A last-minute ray of hope via a partnership with a publisher taking its first real steps outside of mobile publishing. Nearly a half-decade of development. To say that it was easy to bet against Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom would be an understatement. Somehow, some way, the end result was an excellent, fully-licensed, full-featured sequel in a series even the most optimistic of fans had thought dead and buried. The Monster World series was …read more

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