Stasis Review – 0 Days Without an Accident

By Joel Couture

You would think that the creations of a mad scientist, dangerously faulty machinery, or the void of space would be the biggest dangers in Stasis. They’re not. Plain old human stupidity is your worst enemy throughout the game, dogging you at every turn as you open doors to toxic gas-filled rooms, set fire to a lighter in a gas leak, or walk right into the path of machine guns. At least, if you’re as dumb as me, you do. It’s a dangerous point-and-click world on the Cayne Corporation ship, but to solve puzzles in this kind of game, sometimes you have to try something no matter how silly. At least dying is entertaining, though.

John awakens from a vat of mystery fluid with no idea how he got in it, but with an inkling that he ought to find his missing wife and kid. That’s more than enough reason to get to work exploring the dark, machine-filled halls of Stasis. You are a very tiny man in a ship filled with huge machines, though, something the game never lets you forget through its game’s isometric view. Scope is an important part of …read more

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