Shawn Layden On PlayStation And The Future

By Andy McNamara

On a rainy late afternoon in San Mateo, CA, Game Informer sat down with Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios chairman, Shawn Layden. Dressed sharply and with a charming grin, he made a telling observation just before our interview. The chairs were beautiful, but just didn’t quite fit his stature, and he opted for the conference table for us to chat.

I thought the choice represented Sony Interactive Entertainment lately. Yes, there are plenty of things going on in games, from the success of Switch to the Battle Royale craze that brands have been chasing to compete in throughout the industry, but Sony has stuck to what it does best: Solid hardware coupled with the games that focus on single-player experiences or trying to push the boundaries on what games can be, from VR to Dreams.

Know yourself and know what you like – and after our talk, it was easy to tell that Shawn Layden’s long history with the company (he has been with the interactive group since 1996) has taught him to lean into what he knows. He also needs to make sure he is taking a few chances, even though he didn’t want to take a …read more

Source:: Game Informer

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