Science-Fiction Weekly – Star Wars Battlefront II, Star Trek, Stargate, Godzilla

By Andrew Reiner

The second season of Stranger Things is damn good – even better than the first. Outside of a meandering seventh episode, I loved the sense of discovery that was sewn into each character and plot line, never once feeling like the show was running in circles or retreating to familiar territory covered in the first season. This is a show that dares to take chances, and doesn’t race toward a conclusion. The creators clearly have a vision for where this thing is going next, and has appropriately paced the narrative to get there.

Similar praise can be showered upon Star Trek: Discovery, which was just picked up for a second season. Showrunners Aaron Harberts and Gretchen J. Berg signed on to return, and it sounds like it’s a huge hit for CBS. “In just six episodes, Star Trek: Discovery has driven subscriber
growth, critical acclaim and huge global fan interest for the first
premium version of this great franchise,” said Marc DeBevoise, president of CBS Interactive. “This series has a remarkable
creative team and cast who have demonstrated their ability to carry on
the Star Trek legacy.” That’s great news. We need more sci-fi shows that aren’t only found on …read more

Source:: Game Informer

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