Publisher Profile: Kitfox Games

By Joel Couture

For this week’s Publisher Profile, we spoke with Kitfox Games‘ Tanya X Short about how they can use their years of marketing and promoting their own games to help your work.

Who are you?

Tanya X. Short, Kitfox Games: I’m Tanya X. Short, Captain of Kitfox Games.

Can you tell us a bit about your company?

We’re mostly a game developer ourselves, but we published The Shrouded Isle in 2017 and announced that we’re publishing Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind as well. I think we can handle publishing one game per year maximum right now. Currently, it’s basically just for friends I already personally know and who trust me to not screw them over and steal all their money.

What work do you do to help developers reach an audience? How do you make developers’ lives a little easier?

Well, over our five years of releasing and promoting games, Kitfox has learned a lot about the PC and console markets, and maybe most importantly, we’ve built an audience and community that keeps growing. Usually our games have been hybrid RPGs in some way, which means we have …read more

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