Publisher Profile: DANGEN Entertainment

By Joel Couture

Dan Stern of DANGEN Entertainment had a chat with us for this week’s Publisher Profile, talking about the special Japanese game development connections and localization help they can bring to a game.

Who are you?

Dan Stern, DANGEN Entertainment: My name is Dan Stern. I’m one of the DANGEN Entertainment founders and I handle developer relations for half of our projects (the other half is handled by Nayan Ramachandran). Developer relations sounds vague, which is because it is. It starts with scouting new games for us to publish, but also means working with developers on literally anything they need (from release management to promotion to getting cold medicine, water or snacks at tradeshows). I’m in my fifth year doing this work, and my eleventh year working in Japan.

Can you tell us a bit about your company?

DANGEN Entertainment is an Osaka-based indie publisher. We’re indie in that we both work with indie developers and are independent ourselves. All of us have worked in localization, which is why localization quality means so much to us. And it’s why improving the working conditions and rewards for translators in the industry (like sharing revenue with the translators) is important to us, too. We’re not solely …read more

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