Predicting The 2018 NFL Playoffs With Madden 19

By Matthew Kato

EA Sports’ Madden got last year’s prediction of a Patriots Super Bowl victory wrong, but that’s more of an outlier in the franchise’s overall good track record at picking a winner via its sim engine.

This week I’ve used Madden 19 to predict this year’s playoffs, from Wild Card heroes to Super Bowl no-shows (using simulation game style, 6-minute quarters, and all-pro difficulty level in exhibition mode). I’ve tweaked the rosters as much as possible to reflect what’s going on with the teams this week, but naturally the game can’t sim everything to perfection. Madden’s historic inability to produce realistic running-QB stats for a player like Lamar Jackson, for instance, is an interesting real-life wrinkle that is simply absent in the sim.

Nevertheless, read on.


It’s a game of fine margins, and Dallas paid the price for this with a missed Brett Maher field goal and a failed two-point conversion – either of which would have changed the game completely.

Dallas scored 13 points in the fourth quarter in an attempted comeback, but it wasn’t enough to overcome the excellent game of Seahawk’s QB Russell Wilson, who threw four TDS – three of them …read more

Source:: Game Informer

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