‘Power Rangers Legacy Wars’ Gets a Short Film for Its ‘Street Fighter’ Crossover

By Eli Hodapp

Mobile games have been home to some absolutely baffling crossovers, so I’m not sure it really surprised anyone when Ryu joined the cast of characters available in the weirdly popular Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, which was first released a little over two years ago by nWay. The game itself plays a lot like the many other swipe-based character collecting fighters on the App Store, but it’s set in the Power Rangers universe which I guess now has a totally canon connection connection to the Street Fighter universe? In attempt to make this make a bit more sense to people, a short film was announced back at Comic Con which is now available to watch:

The primary revelation of the short film is that Rita Repulsa and M. Bison have joined forces which leads to the logical conclusion that Ryu and Chun Li should both be teleported to some mystical dojo where they run into Jason David Frank (the actor who played the original Green Ranger) who explains that he only has one power coin? This means only Ryu can morph into a Ranger, which I’m sure has absolutely nothing to do with licensing deals.

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Source:: Touch Arcade

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