More ‘Hearthstone’ for iPhone Clues in Latest Patch as Imminent Universal Update Approaches

A couple weeks ago now we posted about Hearthstone [Free (HD)] fanatics data mining the recent update to the Mac/PC game which revealed all sorts of curious text surrounding the game being playable on the iPhone and free prize packs for trying it out on the iPhone client. We speculated April 9th as a release date for the iPhone update, which has come and gone, but things have gotten far more interesting this morning.

Hearthstone Build 8416 was recently released for the Mac/PC and again, it’s been datamined by the guys at Hearthhead. Things they found include even more text strings that have to do with phones, i.e. “GLUE_MY_COLLECTION_PHONE”, and some actual iPhone-sized game textures:


Hearthhead has a few more textures as well, but those are the more interesting ones. The inclusion of mobile-sized textures in the main branch of the game seems to indicate that we won’t be getting a Hearthstone Pocket (or whatever they’d call an individual iPhone-specific release) and instead should expect a universal update. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for them to split it up, particularly if the full PC/Mac client is rolling all this together.

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‘Candy Crush Soda Saga’ Level Guide – Levels 21 Through 40

Continuing from where I left off last time, this is the next in the series of guides I’m writing to cover tips and strategies for clearing each and every level of Candy Crush Soda Saga [Free]. Before I get into the specific level tips, I’ll once again remind the reader that like many other free-to-play puzzle games, Candy Crush Soda Saga will sometimes deal you a combination of pieces you cannot win with. While these strategies will help you, they’re not magic bullets. Rather, they’re advice to help you make the most of the times when you do have a chance to win. Persistence and patience are your greatest weapons.

Level 21: This level sets up a familiar trick seen in the Candy Crush games. There’s a very nice coloring candy power-up sitting in the middle of the screen, and the game itself might be guiding you to use it right away. Don’t be tempted. The goal here is to pop seven soda bottles, all of which are trapped in licorice cages. If that coloring candy can help you clear some of them out, by all means use it, but otherwise, wait until there are adjacent candies of the proper …read more

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Titan Souls Review

Titan Souls is a game of contradictions. It’s difficult until it isn’t. It’s compelling until it isn’t. And it’s fun until it isn’t, which fortunately the game understands, drawing to a close after four hours or so when the triumphs no longer outweigh the aggravations. It is the subject of difficulty that makes Titan Souls so unusual, however. This is a game about–and only about–boss battles. Your first step into an arena is likely to lead to death in a matter of seconds, but your moment of triumph, which might come after five, 10, or 20 attempts, may end the boss in a similarly brief span. And suddenly, a challenge that seemed insurmountable minutes before is now over before you can take a single breath. And you must wonder: How can something so hard also be so…easy?

The answer lies within Titan Souls’ very structure. You are a tiny archer who takes up very little space on screen, a pixelized adventurer with a single arrow providing your only protection from the monstrosities you face. The 2D world you explore may try to calm you with curlicues of wind, gently swaying brush, and light snowfall, but …read more

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Titan Souls Review

With no more than a bow and a single arrow, Titan Souls’ nameless child protagonist is a pure symbol of skill over style. He’s a small, barefoot, and seemingly insignificant David in the 16-bit shadows cast by the many hulking Golaiths that tower over him. And fittingly, just like the two-dimensional sprite of this boy, Titan Souls is itself an unassuming and short expression of mechanical excellence. Though the sparse fiction of its fantasy world takes a backseat to the exacting top-down arcade-style boss battles, felling the gargantuan creatures with feats of precision is an intense gauntlet where one mistake means instant death. Titan Souls’ great challenge is mastering these arenas and besting your own past performances in a game of escalating difficulty – and it’s a greatly rewarding experience.

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Trailer Roundup for April 13, 2015

I’m too sick to think of anything witty to write here, so instead, I will simply encourage you to enjoy this week’s trailer offerings.

Bunker: The Underground Game
Windows, Mac, Linux | $TBA | Sometime 2015

From a very official/standard-looking press release: “Jam-packed with impertinent dialog, humorous humor, strange characters, mind-bogglingly absurd puzzles, pixel art at its finest… and do I seriously have to rattle off the entire list? Can’t we just stick with the truth and leave out all that marketing gobbledygook and tell those pesky press representatives that Bunker is simply dope? I mean, it simply kicks ass. No? Yes? Well then let us also say that it takes its cue from those old adventure games… you know, those Lucas Farts. And of course it also contains pixel art, hipster gags, and takes place in a far out Soviet-era setting. And you’re already rearing to go, aren’t you? See, that’s what I’m talking about! Oh… damn. Hey there, boys and girls from the press! Erm. Yeah. Well. Uh. We didn’t know you were still listening. Right. Whatever the case: Bunker is epic.” I feel confident that this …read more

China Life Invests US$200M in Uber: Source

Uber has received US$200 million of fresh funding led by Chinese insurance company China Life with participation of unnamed investors, a person familiar with the matter told TechNode yesterday.

Uber has attracted billions in investments from more than 40 investors, including Google, Goldman Sachs and Fidelity Investments. It now seems the ride-sharing service is targeting Chinese investment.

This will be Uber’s second capital injection from Chinese investors in past five months. China search engine Baidu poured an undisclosed investment into Uber in December last year, which granted Uber the access to the search giant’s local map service. The recent investment holds the same valuation of US$40 billion.

Uber first launched a pilot project in Shanghai in 2013, followed by an official launch in mid-2014. It is now operating in ten Chinese cities. While Uber has grown rapidly, it has also encountered several legal setbacks, as well as increasing competition from other transportation and logistics services.

Two local taxi-hailing apps, Didi Dache and Kuaidi Dache, merged earlier this year, reportedly accounting for a staggering 95% of China’s taxi app market. While Uber does not compete directly in the taxi market, the local models have formed …read more

Bunker Punks is Bringing Circle-Strafing FPS Action and Management Simulation Together

Go watch the trailer for Bunker Punks. Do it right now. Did you see how the whole world bucks and kicks every time you pull the trigger? How every blast and shot makes the screen tremble? Bunker Punks is looking to take you back to the world of Doom II, where circle strafing was king and the shotgun hit with such force you thought it would blow the back off that heavy CRT monitor you hated carrying to your friend’s house for lan parties. It’s also bringing roguelike elements, recruitment, equipment, and base management into the fray, assuring your character is well cared for and fully armed before they head off to raise the flag of revolution against the corporate overlords that have filled the streets with hostile robots and drones.

There’s a lot going on in Bunker Punks. The frantic action, inspired by 90’s shooters, involves powerful, explosive weaponry and enemies that just devour bullets before going down. The stages you find those enemies in are procedurally-generated, so good luck guessing what will be waiting on the streets when you leave that bunker. It’s pure twitch shooting, kiddies. There are …read more

Seed funding for Indonesian influencer marketing platform SociaBuzz

Indonesian influencer marketing site SociaBuzz announced today it recieved a seed round investment of US$62,500 from an angel investor who prefers to remain anonymous. The investment will be used to drive SociaBuzz’s business development and grow the team.

SociaBuzz is a platform that makes it possible for advertisers to tap into the power of “buzzers” – people with popular social media accounts and a high number followers – in order to promote their services or products on social media. Since its launch in March 2012, SociaBuzz claims to have built up a network of 2,700 such buzzers and served large local clients such as Honda, Toyota and Bank Central Asia.

See: The ultimate list of events, groups, influencers in Singapore’s developer community

SociaBuzz co-founder Rade Tampubolon claims that “influencer marketing” is becoming increasingly important for successful marketing. According to Tampubolon, many brands have made influencer marketing a central aspect of their marketing strategies. However, Tampubolon believes reaching out and working with a large number of buzzers is not an easy task and results in a lot of work. He adds that SociaBuzz’s mission is to make influencer marketing easier so that it may become possible to do with just a few …read more