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‘CastleStorm: Free to Siege’ Gets Updated with PVP Multiplayer Mode

Zen Studios may be best known for their Zen Pinball [Free] tables, but that’s not all they do. They released CastleStorm: Free to Siege [Free] last year, combining physics puzzler gameplay with strategy elements. Well, Zen Studios has decided to update the game to include PVP multiplayer. You’ll be choosing one of four factions to fight for, choosing one of four regions to fight in (with different bonuses), fortifying your defenses, and then going after different online opponents to try and take them down. It seems to add a raiding-strategy component to a game that’s perfect for it, since CastleStorm has always been about building castles and attacking others’ castles.

While the console CastleStorm had multiplayer, this is definitely sounding like a bit more evolved game from a structural standpoint, though it’s not sounding like it’s real-time like the console multiplayer was. Usually it gets harped on if it’s real-time by developers who make real-time multiplayer games. But with mobile devices, real-time multiplayer is often inconvenient, and it’s easier to provide the multiplayer structure while providing computerized opponents based on other players. If you’re ready to pick this one back up, might be time to dig up the <a target="_blank" rel="nofollow" …read more

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League of Legends World Championships Venues Revealed

The 2015 World Championships for League of Legends will take place across a number of European cities, including Paris, London, and Berlin.

To kick things off, the Group Stage games will be held over two weeks at Le Dock Pullman in Paris from October 1-4 and 8-11. After that, the competition will move to the Quarterfinals, which are set to take place at Wembley Arena in London from October 15-18.

Once the final four teams have been decided, the remaining competitors will duke it out in the Semifinals at the Brussels Expo on October 24 and 25 before the final showdown for the cup takes place on October 31 at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin.

For more on what you can expect from the upcoming League of Legends World Championships, be sure to visit the event’s official site. If you’re looking to improve your competitive skills in Riot’s popular MOBA, you can check out our handy wiki guide.

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Report Says Android Wear Close to iPhone Compatibility

According to a recent report, Google is putting the final touches on making its Android Wear platform work with Apple’s iPhone.

A source close to the development team told The Verge that the team is nearly finished with the technical details. This would put Android Wear in direct competition with the Apple Watch. Of course, Apple would have to approve the platform to work with its phones.

Given Apple’s recent moves in the business of wearables, it seems like Google would have an uphill battle. Competing fitness products such as the Jawbone Up and Nike+ FuelBand started disappearing from Apple retail locations in the lead-up to the Apple Watch release.

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‘Out There: Ω Edition’ Launches on PC and Mac, but the Free iOS Upgrade Should Follow Soon

Last week, Mi-Clos Studio released Out There: Ω Edition, a graphical overhaul of last year’s excellent iOS space-faring adventure game, on Steam for Windows, OS X, and Linux. The Ω will come as a free upgrade for Android and iOS players who purchased the original, but we haven’t heard much about it since last year.

“We’re in the process of finalizing the mobile version,” developer Michaël Peiffert told me over e-mail when asked about the iOS version. “I can’t give you a precise date right now, but we hope it’ll come out in a month or two.”

“With Apple, you should always expect surprises,” he added.

The upgraded version of Out There [$3.99] includes 50 new narrative events, new types of solar systems, an extra ending, an expanded soundtrack, and a new coat of high-definition paint.

One of the game’s strengths is its simplicity: the writing is straightforward and level-headed, and the nuts-and-bolts mechanics of upgrading your ship and collecting resources are fairly digestible. Without a bunch of hard sci-fi jargon or fiddly oxygen-to-iron ratios to worry about, the isolation and existential terror of solitary space travel to shine through. Most games tout “exploration” as a fun, exhilarating adventure, …read more

‘Corridor Z’ Review – Running in the Hall

There’s certainly no shortage of endless runners on the App Store in 2015. Just as the creation of the match-three puzzler spawned countless spinoffs, the endless runner, popularized by Imangi Studios’ Temple Run [Free] series in 2011, has seen numerous variations from different developers, including the recent Daytona Rush, which added the now-popular three lane mechanic and stock cars, and Touchdown Hero, which added Sega Genesis graphics with top-down gameplay.

Now, we have Corridor Z [Free] from Mass Creation that adds zombies to the mix, which coincidentally is another video game trope at this point. What’s the sum of two exhausted genres? Surprisingly, pretty good, but falls short in a huge main area.

The one thing I give developer Mass Creation huge props for with Corridor Z is that it attempts to insert a backstory and context into the simple premise of running endlessly. Sure, Temple Run had the “plot” of you running from cave monsters after stealing a rare jewel, but Corridor Z actually boots up with a cutscene explaining the mysterious viral outbreak that has taken place in the local high school, the game’s setting. Collectible journal entries are scattered throughout the game as well which …read more