Videopixie, A Video Production Startup That Connects Buyers And Creators, Raises $1.1M

Videopixie, a Y Combinator alumnus that handles video creation and production (like filming and post-production editing), has raised $1.1 million in seed funding. The startup connects clients — like retailers and brands — with video production professionals. Clients post in Videopixie what they are looking for, and the creators bid on the project. Videopixie largely sees… Read More …read more

Battlefield 4 Getting Massive Balance Overhaul

Battlefield 4’s upcoming Spring Patch will see the return of the Gun Master game mode, as well as five new weapons, balance tweaks, and updates to netcode and stability on PC. The patch goes live sometime in late May on all platforms.

DICE is only hinting at what the five new weapons are.

According to the official Battlefield blog, these include a “fan favorite” assault rifle, a bullpup carbine, a silenced PDW, a “sniper” sidearm that fires magnum rounds, and a “run and gun” magazine-fed LMG.

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Here’s Your First (Ridiculously Short) Look At The New Doom

Doom. The game that introduced an entire generation to the idea of using computers for more than spreadsheets, the game that set the bar in 1993… has had a rough couple of years. The latest Doom game (the fourth in the series, though the publishers aren’t calling it “Doom 4″) has had one helluva ride. First announced in 2008, it’s spent the last seven years… Read More …read more

‘Minecraft Pocket Edition’ is Adding Controller Support “Soon”

Haters of onscreen controls, rejoice; Mojang has officially announced that when the UI of Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE) [$6.99] is reworked in the near future, players will have the option to guide Steve around using a controller. Tommaso Checchi, an MCPE developer, has tweeted that when they “raze” the game’s UI to the ground soon (a razing which, to be honest, it badly needs), one of the features they’ll add will be “proper controller support,” which is great news for many as this feature was one of the most frequently requested ones on Reddit. While it’s good that Mojang is adding controller support, I’m more excited by the possibility of a UI overhaul because as it stands, the current UI often ruins the game experience, especially when it comes to battling the numerous mobs.

Fortunately we’ll soon raze the entire UI to the ground, so that we’ll be able to have proper controller support among other things

— Tommaso Checchi (@_tomcc) May 15, 2015

In other news, we are up to Build 10 of the upcoming 0.11 update, so hopefully we should be close to release. Some users have been complaining about the time it’s taking …read more

‘Hardboiled’ Review – A Fallout-Inspired Turn Based Strategy RPG

It’s hard to imagine a more generic studio name than “Game Dev Team,” but their recently-released title Hardboiled [$1.99] is anything but generic. A lot of energy has gone into this one, the game content is rich, compelling and definitely worth a play through. Hardboiled is a turn based, strategy RPG that explicitly mentions the classic Fallout series as inspiration. In Hardboiled, you play as Max, a wanderer in a world ravaged by nuclear war. Armed with makeshift weapons and equipment, your mission is to explore the devastated town in search of items you need to progress in the game.

The Hardboiled game is arguably very similar to the first and second Fallout games and reminds me of Drylands. This game has two game play sections. You move about the town in real time to explore and interact with locals, then change into turn-based attack strategy when you enter battle mode. Although the town map is relatively small, there are a lot of interesting interactions that can occur depending on your reputation in the eyes of the NPC. From the start you can choose to build up a good or bad reputation, and as you progress through the game …read more

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Destiny’s New Keys Will Allow More Chances at Exotics

Late last week Bungie pushed update 1.2.0 live and with it a slew of new activities and rewards came including bounties from Petra in the tower, new Trials Passage Coins in the Crucible, and Ether Chests that have a chance to reward you with a key. Those keys have also brought up a lot of questions from the Destiny community. Will we be able to run the Prison of Elders more than once? Can we open the chest five times if we have five keys once we get to the treasure room? Why can’t I get a key?

While we can’t do much to help you acquire a key, we can shed a little bit more light on what they’re used for. This April during a roundtable interview with Bungie’s Chris Barrett and Matt Sammons we were told a little bit more information about these mysterious consumables. While we know that the Prison of Elders key drops for defeating a boss on any given difficulty are reset weekly, Bungie did say “If you have keys you can beat it and access the rewards in the chests. So there is no weekly lockout or anything on the chests.” “You can always …read more