Your REAL Guide To The Witcher 3’s Characters

The grand
and superb
review scores
for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt are attracting more new players
to the series than ever before. Yesterday, Kim wrote her own character primer to get newbie witchers up to speed, and – considering the fact that she reviewed the game for us – it’s pretty good. However, it doesn’t tell you everything that you need to know – that’s where my decades of professional analysis and patented method for Keeping It Real come into play. Once you’re done learning from my stunning insight, you’ll be witching with the best of them. You’re welcome!

If you’re worried about spoilers, don’t; I haven’t played
any of The Witcher 3, so I can’t possibly spoil what I don’t know. In fact, I
haven’t played any of the Witcher
games. That didn’t stop me from providing a brilliant analysis of The
Witcher 2’s characters
, though, which you could say is the most insightful thing
any critic has ever written about the series…until now. So let’s get to it!

Name: Geraldo Rivera Geralt of Rivia
Occupation: Witcher
Analysis: Our hero of The
Witcher series is back, and even though “witcher” still sounds like a lame
occupation, the fact that he’s been …read more

‘Out There’ Developer’s New Project is Cyberpunk Point-and-Click ‘Void & Meddler’

A trio of independent studios in France are teaming up to release Void & Meddler, a sickly neon point-and-click adventure full of recreational hormone supplements, synthetic memories, and screech owl people. You’ll play as a girl named Fyn, “wandering in an uncertain era, in an undefined city,” as the blurb explains.

If Void & Meddler‘s cyberpunk trappings seem too familiar, it’s because the game wears its influences on its sleeve. Rookie developers NO cvt aren’t shy about drawing from the works and worlds of Phillip K. Dick, William Gibson, and David Cronenberg. You’ll see what I mean in the trailer below:

As mentioned, there are least three different studios working on Void & Meddler in some capacity. The freshly-minted NO cvt is doing the bulk of the design and development, and the two-person team at Blackmuffin Studio is contributing some environmental art. It’s early days for Void & Meddler, so there’s not much to mull over besides Blackmuffin’s dramatic angles and evocative color palette. Their site is full of interesting projects, too.

Michaël Peiffert, lastly, is the founder of Mi-Clos Studio and designer of Out There [$3.99], easily one of the best iOS games of 2014. He’s signed …read more

Clinkle Implodes As Employees Quit In Protest Of CEO

Seven employees quit the frequently mocked payment rewards startup Clinkle simultaneously today due to frustration with its 24-year-old CEO Lucas Duplan, according to multiple sources close to the company. Duplan, pictured above, is said to have withheld information from employees about acquisition talks with Apple that the team hoped would result in a sale. He’s believed to have… Read More …read more

‘Gamebook Adventures 10: Lords Of Nurroth’ Review – The Perfect Crime

It’s been almost a year and a half since the last volume of Gamebook Adventures, the homegrown series of adventures that kicked things off for prolific gamebook publisher Tin Man Games. The developers at Tin Man have certainly kept busy in that time, adapting several Fighting Fantasy books and a few other treasures like Ryan North’s To Be Or Not To Be [$5.99], and while many of those have been great fun, I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been waiting for a return to the world of Orlandes. The tenth volume of Gamebook Adventures, Lords Of Nurroth [$2.99], brings the setting back with style, casting you as a professional liberator of goods who heads out on a routine job and finds a lot more than they bargained for.

As usual, you begin the game by choosing which difficulty you’d like to play on. After that, you’ll choose your name, gender, and roll up a few of your character’s stats. Being an expert in acquisition of misplaced items, you’ll need to choose among four different specialties to distribute a few extra points. You’ll be rolling against these values as you play through the game, but given the …read more

‘Fragger 2’ Review – Definitely Not a Dud

Wow. Talk about an iOS dynasty. It’s been five long years since published the port of the original Fragger [$0.99] to the App Store. All this time later, Harold Brenes, the original creator of Fragger is back with a long, long awaited sequel, Fragger 2 [$2.99]. I mean, 5 years? That’s ancient history in mobile gaming. Not quite ‘cradle of life,’ ‘dawn of man’ ancient, but still pretty darn old. Ancient Greece, maybe. Anyway, was the wait worth it? Did anyone really want this sequel?

I don’t know if they did, but they should probably check this game out anyway. It is very much like a fine wine. Classical in every way, but improved with age. The art style is infinitely more consistent and professional looking, with three worlds with their own motifs and color schemes; The Countryside, Forest Ruins, and Lab, with 30 levels each. The first 20 or so levels serve mostly as a retread/tutorial of familiar rules and functions. The goal remains the same: toss grenades at goofy enemies while glued to the same spot, navigating environmental obstacles to solve each puzzle. Instead of a three star rating system, you receive a medal if you …read more

No Picture

‘Mega Jump’s Redford is Dropping Bombs in Upcoming ‘Mega Blast’

If you’ve ever been a fan of Get Set Games’ hit titles Mega Jump or Mega Run, then you’re no doubt familiar with their star character – the toothy, bug-eyed Redford. Now, thanks to an Epic Games’ Unreal Dev Grant and the new Unreal Engine 4, Redford is stomping new ground in the upcoming Mega Blast. Something of an isometric puzzle platformer, Mega Blast sees Redford navigating hazardous terrain, including many disappearing floor squares and all manner of enemies. And yes, with “blast” in the title there’s plenty of bombing going on as well. Check out the trailer.

Unlike the previous Mega Jump and Mega Run games, which used nifty pre-rendered visuals, Mega Blast is fully 3D. Being that it uses the Unreal Engine, you can expect lots of superfluous, but quite pleasing, visual effects. Mega Blast will also take advantage of Metal-capable devices, though it’ll work on older devices as well, at least going back to the iPhone 4s. Get Set Games says Mega Blast is “getting closer to Beta every day!” so expect more news on this one in the near future.

…read more

Riskbreaker – Vagrant Story 15 Years On

Today, May 15, marks the 15-year anniversary of Vagrant Story’s release in America on the original PlayStation. It’s not a watershed moment in video game history, but Square’s dungeon-crawling action/RPG deserves recognition. Personally, it remains a title whose art style and merging of various gameplay elements still sparks my imagination. Thankfully, the game is available via the PlayStation Store for PS3/Vita/PSP (and dirt cheap, too!), so you can still experience this classic.

I can’t remember how I heard about Vagrant Story or exactly what drew my initial interest, but I was taken with Hiroshi Minagawa’s hand-drawn art style and the overall dark, gothic overtones. Square is known for its gorgeous CG cutscenes, but Vagrant Story’s use of in-engine assets for cutscenes was the right choice to preserve the game’s particular mood. This is aided by Hitoshi Sakamoto’s fitting, sometimes melodramatic, score using synth strings.

I never played Yasumi Matsuno’s Final Fantasy Tactics or thought twice about tactical combat, so Vagrant Story’s combination of real-time movement in combat with the pauses of the Battle Mode’s combat sphere – allowing you to target available body parts at specific hit percentages – caught my eye. This mix of genres was surprising at …read more