Creating The Futuristic World Of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Ever since Adam Jensen’s dramatic confrontation at the end of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, fans have eagerly awaited the next chapter of the sci-fi juggernaut. Since our cover reveal last week we’ll be diving into exclusive details about the upcoming sequel from Eidos Montreal.

In this video we sat down with executive game director Jean-François Dugas, executive narrative director Mary DeMarle, executive art director Jonathan Jacques-Belletête, and executive audio director Steve Szczepkowski as they brought us through their journey of creating the dark and mysterious future that embodies Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

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See What’s in the Xbox Weekend Spring Sale

Microsoft is offering a slew of deals on Xbox One and 360 games as part of a special weekend spring sale.

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition and Just Dance 2015 are the headliners for the Xbox weekend spring sale. Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb said that the special offers are available until April 13 on his blog, and you can see each discounted game below.

Xbox One

  • Kalimba — 40 percent off for Xbox Live Gold members, 33 percent off for everyone else
  • Just Dance 2015 — 40 percent off for Xbox Live Gold members, 33 percent off for everyone else
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RollerCoaster Tycoon World Won’t Have Build Timers

Unlike mobile versions of RollerCoaster Tycoon, the upcoming RollerCoaster Tycoon World game for PC will not have build timers.

Speaking with Digital Spy, Senior Producer Matthew Labunka said “There’s no build timers – the game is a premium, full PC game. So there’s a challenge mode, there’s a simulation mode – when you’re building your park, just the same way you would have ten years ago, but with some pretty cool new features associated with it.”

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, build timers are a monetization element often found in free-to-play games, which are common on mobile devices. They appear as needlessly long countdowns that keep you from progressing until you wait — sometimes for minutes, sometimes for hours or more.

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Blackbeard’s ‘Mega Drift’ Powerslides into the App Store on April 16th

Chillingo and Blackbeard Games have just announced a new title that promises to combine auto-runners with car drifting, in Mega Drift. The game’s goal is to race through levels, trying to drift successfully around corners. It’s a one-tap game, as you tap to start a drift, and release when necessary, trying to come out of the turn in a straight line, giving you a boost that will let you reach the next checkpoint. If you’re good at drifting and understand the mechanics of it, you’ll likely be good at this game! If not, then you’ll need to learn in order to do well!

I’ve played a bit of this, and it’s remarkably challenging, but I also stink at drifting. I’m curious to play more, because maybe I’ll finally understand how to be a drift master? I was solid at drift turboing in Mario Kart DS, but my skills have eroded since then. There’s a bunch of courses to race through, with myriad cars to unlock and upgrade as you try to become the best drifter on Earth. This one releases on April 16th.

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Alibaba’s Mapping Service AutoNavi Unveils LBS+ Open Platform

AutoNavi, China’s leading mapping service fully acquired by Alibaba, has taken the wraps off LBS+, an open platform for location based services. Now serving a broad range of fields like car rental, O2O, smart devices and environmental protection, the platform provides location based service solution plans that integrate development kit, big data, and relevant services and functions.

At the press conference, the company also announced tie-ups with car rental service Zuche, NGO Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs, massage booking service Kungfu Bear, and drone developer Ehang.

In addition to AutoNavi’s free digital map database and mobile LBS development kits, LBS+ features location big data analytic services, helping clients gain insights on customer numbers, customer location and hot areas. AutoNavi’s cloud computing service was also integrated, to enable data storage, management and analysis.

Previous LBS open platforms only offers developers with LBS development kits. LBS+ added mapping big data and mapping cloud computing service, enabling users to manage and analyze data, and then to make wiser business decisions based o these results.

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Surong360 Targets University Students and Alumni for P2P Lending

University students in China now number over 30 million, more than the population of the average country. Surong360 targets university students and alumni for the P2P marketplace, observing that alumni favor their graduating university and have a bond with their successors, so they will more readily lend money to these students.

While there are many P2P finance companies in the market, they typically offer fixed interest rates while lenders do not know who borrows their money. Surong360, however, does not intervene in the transaction, instead functioning as a social network for P2P lending with flexible interest rates. Borrowers can publish their requirements and lenders can choose from whom they want to borrow. Credit points are given based on the borrower’s financial activity to help lenders decide.

Surong360 is born out of CEO Andy Xue’s personal experience. “My major was computer science. The school lab closed early every day and the computer quality was very poor. I had no money at that time to buy a laptop. I think if I could have borrowed money for one, I could have done more things, even started running a startup earlier. So when I graduated, I wanted to help my successors avoid that experience.” …read more