Choose Your Retro RPG Flavor in Dragon Fantasy: The Volumes of Westeria

I really miss NES and SNES era RPGs some days. Then I remember fighting ogres outside of Elfland for like eight thousand hours, or the days spent creeping through dungeons only to lose to the first stupid boss in Dragon Warrior, and I smarten up. Still, there is an odd charm to the mercilessness of monstrosities and turn-based combat that draws me back to the vicious entries in the genre, and it’s been captured (and thankfully softened up a little bit) in Dragon Fantasy: The Volumes of Westeria (Formerly Dragon Fantasy: Book I), which is now available on Steam.

Do you feel more nostalgic for NES or SNES visuals and sound while you’re dying in the dirt in some cave? Dragon Fantasy: The Volumes of Westeria lets the player choose which style of experience they prefer, switching between the two eras with a little slider. Both have had an equal amount of hard work put into them, and it can be fun to switch from one to the other depending on your mood and how you’d best like to experience the game’s silly storyline. Poking fun at old RPGs, the game …read more

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The TouchArcade Show – 200 – Vegas, Baby

Recorded live in Las Vegas, episode #200 tells the tale of 100oz daiquiris, walking all over the place, secret video games, and so much more. We also touch on Jared’s wicked obsession with Mortal Kombat X, our try-on experience with the Apple Watch, and the drama of the week which includes both Hearthstone and Angry Birds Go. Audio quality is a little weird as we just recorded with my MacBook Air’s mic, so we just did a short episode. We’ll be back next week with a semi-normal episode of The TouchArcade Show, maybe.

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Are they always crunching on something really loud, or pretending they have a stomachache so …read more