[9 Geeks From Gangnam] Prototyping Tool ProtoPie Enables Coding-free Design for IoT Devices

It is said that IoT market has a US$19 trillion opportunity and mobile apps will be generating revenue of more than US$77 billion by 2017, according to Gartner, Inc. In this era of IoT devices, unique interactions of an app often work as an ‘invisible hand’ to serve as a strong identity for apps. However, one of the challenging team work inside startups is when designers have to explain interaction design to developers in order to visualize it in reality. According to a survey conducted in Carnegie Mellon University, 86% of designers feel it is more difficult to prototype interaction than the interface. It was also cumbersome daily task that struck Google interaction designer Tony Kim, that he decided to leave the company and make a prototyping tool to empower designers.

Sensor-aided code-free prototyping tool, ProtoPie allows designers to build complicated interactive mobile prototypes that fully utilize sensors in smart devices and prototypes across multiple devices like smart phones, smart watch and IoT devices.

In the designer’s prototyping tool market, Framer, Pixate and Origami offer sophisticated interactions for designers, however, Kim claims that those available in the market still require programming skill or scheme to …read more

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Guild Wars 2 Cheater Faces Execution

Think twice if you’re considering cheating in Guild Wars 2, because you’re likely to be banned in a spectacular way.

Mashable has discovered the public and humiliating execution of a cheating player’s avatar.

A user by the name of DarkSide was reported by several players for teleporting and dishing out a Superman amount of damage.

Even groups of players were unable to stop DarkSide, and even if you managed to achieve the impossible and kill him, he was reportedly reappearing 10 seconds later to get revenge.

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‘Lost Within’ Review – Once More Into the Asylum, With Feeling

Stop me if you’ve heard this before — a new jump-scare horror game is coming out, and it’s set in an asylum. As a child of the 90s I’ve had my fair share of mental ward scares, and Lost Within [$6.99] is no exception. Despite the overdone premise though there is something there, and well crafted touch controls certainly helps its case.

Ah, the old Weatherby Asylum — the site of many a murder and torrid affair. It might be a shadow of its former self, closed down due to an unknown incident, but it’s up to you, an officer of the law, to check it out before it’s set to be demolished to make sure no one has holed up inside of it (cue the spooky music). You’ll accomplish this with touchscreen controls, tapping where you want to go within the confines of a first-person view.

I was happy with how well this worked, as you can literally tap anywhere you want to go to head towards that direction, or double-tap to sprint. Tapping objects will interact with them, and swiping to any side will allow you to turn. There’s a limited inventory system that also allows you to tap …read more

Action Henk Review

I like to think of Action Henk as a retired action hero on the fast road to retaking the spotlight. A distended beer belly hanging far over his belt, Henk is a small action figure sporting a wide, yet determined grin separating an impressive set of 1980s sideburns. It’s hard not to root for him as he slides down ramps and over obstacles at a relentless velocity. This side-scrolling, speed-running platformer has the rush of a classic

Real men wear tutus.

Action Henk is a fast ride and pure speed-running bliss from start to goal. It feels like Sonic in his glory days. Though the kindly faced Henk doesn’t quite parallel the blue blur’s devil-may-care attitude, he nearly matches the blistering speed with his stride. Many levels last less than a minute, but as you make your way around the track, you notice other pathways and ramps just out of reach. They all lead you to the same point, and yet the promise of more even speed makes the desire to reach them all the more enticing. There are tricks that only experience can teach–for example, hopping just before a declining ramp increases the speed of your butt-slide, rewarding you …read more

This PS4 Game’s Name Is 65 Words Long

An upcoming Japanese game by D3 Publishers has a whopping 65 word long title.

The full title, quoted by Geek, reads:

Summertime High School. A Young Man’s Notes – How a New Exchange Student Like Myself Ran Into His Childhood Friend On The School Tour, Then For Some Reason Became Super-Popular With The Girls For His Daily Scoops On The School Photography Club Even Though He Only Takes Panty Shots, And What He Thinks As He Goes On Dates During His Summer Of Island School Life.

The game follows a high-schooler and amateur photographer in his attempts to take up-skirt shots of his fellow classmates. The object of the game seems to be to take as many shots as possible without getting caught.

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Where Should You Base Your Startup In China? Five Expat Entrepreneurs Weigh In

China can be a great place to do business. But setting up shop in the world’s largest consumer tech market can be a lot more difficult that it sounds.

From the southern manufacturing cities of Shenzhen and Guangzhou, to the finance hub of Shanghai and the culture capital of Beijing, there are many great cities in China, each with a unique offering. However with great cities comes great rivalries, and it’s no different in the world of entrepreneurship where startup founders vie to build a solid base of operations.

While Beijing has previously been dubbed the centre of startup culture in China, new waves of investment have seen semi-gentrified southern cities develop burgeoning innovation hubs closer to manufacturers. At the same time, Shanghai’s foreigner-friendly atmosphere has made it an attractive proposition for the growing number of startups doing market entry. We asked five entrepreneurs to share their experiences in China’s various startup hubs.


Matt Conger of SeekPanda

“Beijing Welcomes You” is a go-to karaoke song for most foreigners in China. When it comes to foreign entrepreneurs, I’d say this song’s title is 70% accurate.

We founded SeekPanda​, an O2O network of on-demand translators and interpreters, in Beijing because the city …read more

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Inside My Radio Review

I’m a firm believer that all skills, even the ones we often think of as innate–artistic talent, athletic ability, imaginative writing–can be taught. It’s just a matter of putting the time and effort into learning to excel (or at least be competent) at something. Rhythm is the exception to that rule. You either have it or you don’t. And I do not. The only reason I could play drums in

If you’re wanting a game that is perfect for a chill evening where you want to relax with music and a video game, Inside My Radio is worth the spin.

Much like Sound Shapes, Inside My Radio successfully cultivates a sense of synesthesia in players–the ability to experience music with your senses beyond hearing. It’s partially achieved through the core mechanical loop of the game: overcoming environmental obstacles through rhythm. If you can’t find the tempo of that level’s track, you aren’t going to get very far. But once you discover the song’s groove, you begin to feel a sense of oneness between the music and your platforming. Well, you do if you have any rhythm. I don’t, but even I began to get the groove of …read more

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‘Dragon of Legends’ is an Upcoming MMO That’s Coming to Every Platform Under the Sun

The name is super-generic, but Dragon of Legends is looking like quite the promising game. This promises to be a cross-platform MMORPG that’s aiming to be playable on iOS and Android, as well as desktops and consoles. The game is heavily inspired by Irish and Norse mythology, where players will choose their side between the Norse and the Celts and complete to rule the world. Check out the pixel-art-filled teaser:

This is certainly a tall task to pull off, in creating a cross-platform game like this, with a heavy storytelling element to boot. But hey, the technology exists. Spacetime Games has released several desktop and mobile MMOs, we’ve seen other games that work and operate between the myriad platforms. It’ll just be about delivering on the promises. We’ll see how this one turns out, if it does – these kinds of things can always fall through. But hey, life is too short to be all that pessimistic. If you’re curious, Thrive Games are accepting applications to beta test Dragon of Legends on their website.


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