Opinion – The Ruthless Reality Of Nintendo’s Friendly Face

I love Nintendo. Like many who enjoy video games, I have fond memories of holding a Super NES controller and playing Super Mario World, or standing in awe of Ocarina of Time on Nintendo 64. Nintendo has created some special memories for a generation of gamers, but it has a darker side that gets overlooked.

Nintendo’s primary identity has been a colorful beacon of family friendliness, happiness, and positivity. The company has tried to appear as a friend to its customers; it wants to be the comforting entertainment we rush to when we’ve had a rough day at work, or the reliable pal with whom we can spend hours exploring. Nintendo holds a special place in our hearts, and its leadership knows that, which is why so many of its games attempt to strike unique nostalgic notes no other company can claim.

Nintendo’s image is an effective way to make its brand appealing to gamers, but there are several instances where Nintendo has proven to be anything but friendly. It all starts with a history of obsessive control that dates back to the ‘80s; Nintendo’s desire to dominate the industry had rivals and news anchors throwing around words like “monopoly, “anti-trust,” …read more

‘CivCrafter’ Review – The Last Clicker You’ll Ever Need

CivCrafter [Free] is quite the curious little clicker game, and it’s not quite the one that you expect. It’s a resource management game with raiding-strategy real-time multiplayer, all wrapped up in the veneer of a simplified clicker game. But it has countless things to track and upgrade on your way to becoming the greatest civilization known to humankind. This has to be the pinnacle of the clicker genre and its logical end, right? How do you further deconstruct gaming to its simplest form while also making something this deep?!

So, the first thing that you see when you play CivCrafter is the screen with the three different things to click: food, wood, and stone. Food feeds your population. Wood’s primary function is to construct buildings. Stone is the foundation of graves, and many military units. Some things you build will require that you have many types of materials, including the ore and skins that get found while mining for other materials. There’s a large number of resources to keep track of, and here’s where the game’s true nature comes into play:

It’s not really a clicker.

Oh, the game has plenty of clicking elements, that’s without any shadow of a doubt. But …read more

Warner Bros. Tapped the Producer of ‘The Ring’ to Make a ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’ Horror Movie

I’m not much for horror games, but I’ve been fascinated with the way the collective gaming internet has taken to Scott Cawthon’s Five Night’s at Freddy’s series: he released three games in seven months and created a devoted grassroots community seemingly out of thin air. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. has taken notice and come to an agreement with Cawthon for a Five Nights at Freddy’s movie.

Five Nights at …read more

Hands-On With GTA 5 on PC at 4K

Back in the late ’90s I remember being incredibly jealous of a good friend of mine who had the original Grand Theft Auto on PC, primarily for one very specific (and slightly absurd) reason.

The PC version featured working trains and the PlayStation version didn’t.

That was it, really. But I wanted to ride that train, and I couldn’t in the PlayStation version. The PlayStation port of the original Grand Theft Auto was a brilliant game way …read more

Five Reasons Why The PC Version Could Be The Best GTA V Edition

After nineteen months, two console launches, and 45 million units shipped, the latest entry to Rockstar’s flagship franchise is finally coming to PC. When Grand Theft Auto V arrives on the largest platform April 14, it won’t be a half-baked port devoid of new features. Rockstar’s core team has spent the last several months making sure the game leverages the increased power and flexibility afforded by the ever-evolving platform. Here are five reasons why PC players should be excited for its arrival.

Best In Class Graphics
For the privileged and the hardcore who have already built a power-sucking rig capable of displaying 4K images at a high framerate, GTA V is another destination game tailored to show off your luxury acquisition. Rockstar says the game supports 4K resolution “and beyond,” and the PC version is the only one that runs at 60 frames per second. This edition also has better draw distances than the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 offerings.

The high-end performance capabilities of the game haven’t hindered its ability to scale to older computers as well. The minimum system requirements should accommodate anyone with a modest 64-bit rig, and Rockstar says an average system should …read more