Final Push For Hero U

Billing itself as the spiritual successor to their classic Quest for Glory series, Lori and Corey Cole’s Hero U is approaching the end of its Kickstarter campaign. Sitting just past $90,000 of the $100,000 goal, the multi genre title’s crowdfunding drive ends Monday, June 15th.

Telling the story of Shawn O’Conner, hero, rogue, and student at the titular Hero University. Mixing 3D environments and 2D artwork for important scenes, Shawn socializes and develops his skills at the ancient castle of the school, while fighting and exploring beneath the school to discover its dark secrets and unravel his father’s mysterious disappearance.

The combat takes place in tactical RPG style, which should contrast well with the adventure and interactive novel elements of the school portion. In fact, the game promises to play differently in accordance to the player’s style. Offering RPG, adventure, romance, mystery, and interactive novel gameplay, Hero U looks to offer something for everyone.

There are currently two playable demos available, each showing off a different style of play. Playable is the first scene of the game in adventure game style, as well as a …read more

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This Week in the Nintendo eShop

The Doctors are in this week, as Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure brings Mario and Luigi’s medical practice to the 3DS. Aside from that and the eShop release of Lego Jurassic World on Wii U and 3DS, the other notable release is Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town on the Wii U Virtual Console. If you’re hankering for some Wii U Harvest Moon action and can’t wait for Seeds of Memories, then the well-liked GBA game might be ideal for you.

Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure ($8.99)

If you’ve been hankering for some Mario Bros.

prescriptions on your 3DS, then Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure is likely made just for you. It’s similar to some of the past downloadable Dr. Mario games as it features regular single-player puzzle modes as well as online play. It also includes Dr. Luigi and Virus Buster, giving you more ways to use pills to delete viruses.

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IGN Editors’ Most Memorable E3 Moments

Game journalists might like to gripe about E3’s stressful deadlines and late nights, but the truth is that the show is always an incredible and borderline overwhelming combination of crashing lights and sound. There’s no feeling like it, and no other event ever manages to capture that “E3 magic.” Everyone invested in the world of video games has their eyes trained on this one small space, and that can lead to some pretty incredible stories.

Below are IGN Editors’ most memorable, craziest moments from E3:

At E3 2014, Nintendo’s booth was essentially a sea of TVs set up with the demo for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U – a massive attraction for any fan of Nintendo’s brawler. The lines to try out new brawlers like Mega Man and Little Mac, but the energy in the crowd never dipped – everyone was just happy to be experiencing the new Smash together.

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‘Dragon Quest 6: Realms Of Revelation’ Releases On The Japanese App Store

It took a little while, but English iOS gamers around the world finally caught up to all of the Japanese Dragon Quest releases when Dragon Quest 5 [$14.99] dropped back in late January. Unfortunately, that meant we were suddenly in the same position as Japan, having to wait patiently for the next game to arrive. Well, the first step towards that was carried out today, as Dragon Quest 6: Realms Of Revelation hit the Japanese App Store, selling for the usual price of 1800 yen, or about $15. I’ll be bringing you more detailed impressions early next week after I’ve had a chance to put it through its paces, but here’s a little introduction to get things rolling.

In Dragon Quest 6, you play as a young man from a quiet country village. It sounds like the usual Dragon Quest set-up, but things quickly start going pear-shaped, leading you into an adventure through the world of dreams and reality. Series creator Yuji Horii was working on this game at the same time as Chrono Trigger [$9.99], and I think it shows. This game has a heavier emphasis on building its characters and a lot more cut-scenes compared to prior …read more

Blog Herding – The Best Blogs Of The Community (June 11, 2015)

Hello, bloggers, and welcome to another
iteration of Blog Herding. This week we find out who is the elite Smash
Bros. fighter in the community, learn what inspired Loki Davison to make indie
game Wander, and get to enjoy a whole slew of other cool posts.

Community Blogs For June 4 – June 10:

Smash Bros Wii U Final Results + Bonus Round Details

The gods of Smash have spoken, and The Darkest Link has won the Wii U Super Smash
Bros. tournament. Read Tstitan’s blog post about the tournament to find out how
heated the banter and battle was – and start preparing for the next round of

kicks in Point-N-Clicks

Point-and-click adventure games seem to hold a special place in Matastig’s
heart. Why do I say that? He’s provided us a great list of his favorites (many
I haven’t even heard of!).

New Gaming Room!

Born4this – in a huge show of commitment to family – gave up his gaming room for
his daughter, Anberlin. Now he’s in a new house with his family – and he’s now
the proud owner of a swank gaming room. It’s spacious, features Batman and
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures mingling, and some sweet wall art. Check it out for yourself.


Sam_Lincoln follows …read more

‘WOT Blitz’ Teasing Update 1.10 With a Puzzle is teasing a new update to World of Tanks Blitz [Free], its mobile juggernaut, in an inventive way; in order to get some “early intelligence” about the new update, you have to go here and solve a puzzle. Now, if you are the kind of person who enjoys those games, you can stop reading here because I’ll be giving more details about the update in the next paragraph…

So, for those who didn’t want to bother with the puzzle, here’s the teaser image. According to internet sleuths, the 1.10 update will be adding bigger map(s), some fixes to Tank Destroyers, and the ability to reset crew skills so you can reallocate your points to different skills if you so wish. Now, the most interesting part of the update is a reference to tank battles becoming even bigger, which could just be a reference to larger maps, but I’m hoping to see larger fights with more tanks in battle than simply 7 Vs 7. I got started playing the PC version of the game, and the bigger maps and more tanks in-battle made for much more strategic combat, which I believe is more suitable to the WOT gameplay …read more

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Dungeon Defenders 2 Confirmed for PS4 This Year

Trendy Entertainment and Human Head Studios have confirmed today that Dungeon Defenders II will be coming to PlayStation 4 this year.

Dungeon Defenders II is currently available in Early Access on Steam, and it will eventually launch as a free to play title on PC and PS4.

It has had a rocky development process after staff layoffs at the developer last year, but now seems to be back on track.

Dungeon Defenders II originally started life as a MOBA, but has since become a more direct sequel to the original action tower defense game.

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Everything You Need to Know About Street Fighter 5

Ladies and gentlemen, Street Fighter 5 is very real, very pretty, and VERY different from Street Fighter 4. Don’t worry though! It’s still totally a Street Fighter game, but the many changes and additions give it its own distinct feel. If Street Fighter 3: Third Strike and Street Fighter Alpha had a baby, that beautiful baby would grow up to be Street Fighter 5. I probably shouldn’t be smiling so much about having written that last sentence, but after playing it for a few hours, it’s hard not to.

So here you go, here is absolutely every new feature, mechanic, and nuance I absorbed about Street Fighter 5. Feel free to skim for sections that interest you, or just watch our video above that runs through the most crucial bits.

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