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Here’s Nolan North as Ghost in Destiny

Bungie has provided the first look at Nolan North as Ghost in Destiny.

A new teaser trailer for Destiny: The Taken King features the first dialogue spoken by North as Ghost, who’s taking over duties for Game of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage. North, who’s known for his portrayal of Nathan Drake in the Uncharted series, has reportedly assumed the role because of availability issues with Dinklage.

North as Ghost isn’t the only new addition coming to Destiny with The Taken King expansion. Bungie has previously highlighted 27 major changes on the way for the shared-world shooter.

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‘Galak-Z: Variant Mobile’ Heading to Mobile Platforms in 2016

17-Bit Studios, who you’re probably familiar with as the developers of the excellent turn-based strategy title Skulls of the Shogun [$4.99], just released their frantic roguelike space shooter Galak-Z: The Dimensional on the PlayStation 4 earlier this month, and a PC version is following soon. However, according to Eurogamer, 17-Bit is also planning to bring the game to mobile devices next year in a special version of the game called Galak-Z: Variant Mobile. It’s too early to get a glimpse at this mobile version, but here’s the PS4 launch trailer for Galak-Z proper which should give you an idea of the game.

Seriously, that game looks so cool. And it’s getting rave reviews, too. As for the mobile version, it’s being published by GungHo, so more than likely it’ll be a free to play game. It’s also supposed to be optimized for mobile devices, and will have an updated UI and touchscreen controls. 17-Bit CEO Jake Kazdal has this to say about the game: “Galak-Z: Variant Mobile will have all the explosive high-level combat and skill-based action as the original, but tailored and optimised for the mobile player on the go.” How much of …read more

Be The Robot Master In The Mega Man Legacy Collection

I distinctly remember popping Mega Man 1 into my NES for the first time and being overwhelmed. Unlike many games of that era, which followed linear paths, Capcom gave players the freedom to take on the game’s six robot masters in whatever order they saw fit. The catch was that some bosses had specific weaknesses to certain weapons – weapons that our hero only obtained by defeating their owners. Figuring out the proper order was one of the fun parts of the game, and I still look back on those games with fondness (and a little frustration).

Capcom has compiled the first six Mega Man games in The Mega Man Legacy Collection, so I thought I’d offer a helping hand to people who are either new to the series or haven’t revisited them in a while. Even if you find your own paths later on, these should at least get you started on your Mega Man journey. Good luck!

Mega Man

  • Fire Man
  • Bomb Man
  • Guts Man
  • Cut Man
  • Elec Man
  • Ice Man

Fire Man and Bomb Man are easy to take out with Mega Man’s default Mega Buster. Once those guys are defeated, it’s a matter of using your new weapons …read more

Hortonworks Acquires Onyara, Early Startup With Roots In NSA

Hortonworks, the big data company built on Hadoop, bought early-stage startup Onyara today. The company, which launched at the end of last year, has its roots in the NSA — yes that NSA. The Onyara engineers worked at the NSA for 8 years helping to develop a technology that would later be known as Apache NiFi. The NSA released the technology to the open source community last year as… Read More …read more

‘Magic: The Gathering’ Getting the Match-3 RPG Treatment with ‘Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest’

We’re living in a world where anything that’s even a vaguely popular IP is getting a Puzzle Quest spinoff. (Ok, I’m exaggerating, but seriously, there are a ton of branded match-3 games in the world.) The latest to get such a treatment is the grandfather of CCGs Magic: The Gathering from Wizards of the Coast. On paper, this seems like a pretty incredible idea. Magic the card game has decades worth of cool characters and a whole universe full of lore to utilize. The possibilities are endless for an incredibly deep crossover game, but we’ll have to wait and see what developer Hibernum Creations does with it all. For now, here’s some screens.

While the original Puzzle Quest and its sequel are bonafide classics, the more recent spinoffs Marvel Puzzle Quest [Free] and Adventure Time Puzzle Quest [Free] have somewhat alienated long-time fans of the series. Not that the recent games are bad, but they’re highly social, highly free to play games aimed at the casual market, whereas the original games were something that appealed more to the core gaming group. It seems like with the Magic IP on board there’s potential to make the ultimate, super …read more

Phantom Pain Gets a Companion App at Launch

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will be launching with a companion app on September 1.

According to Konami, the Phantom Pain companion app will function similarly to the Ground Zeroes app, giving players access to Snake’s iDroid and allowing them to view the in-game map during play. The app will show more of the map than on the game screen.

In addition to the map functions, the companion app will let players listen to all records and music obtained in the game.

The companion app will be available at Phantom Pain’s launch for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Xbox One.

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