‘Death Hall’ is a New Brutal Platformer from the Developer of ‘Wave Wave’

You might recall several years back there was a totally bonkers cave flyer called Wave Wave ($2.99). It was basically like playing a normal cave flyer except that somebody strapped industrial strength headphones onto your head first and blasted dubstep into your ears while forcing you to ride the world’s most twisted rollercoaster while you played. It’s a total sensory overload, and we loved it in our review as well as in our Game of the Week award. Well Wave Wave’s developer Tom Janson is back at it again with a new mobile game called Death Hall. It’s described as “a run & jump action-platformer, and you need to get as far as you can through a series of stages, culminating in a final confrontation with the monster.” Said monster is a giant red blob of a thing with razor sharp teeth that will leap from the bottom of the screen and try to gobble you up. While a trailer isn’t quite ready yet, here’s some screens of what Death Hall looks like so far.

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Roger Dickey ditches $32M-funded Gigster to start Untitled Labs

Most founders don’t walk away from their startup after raising $32 million and reaching 1000 clients. But Roger Dickey’s heart is in consumer tech, and his company Gigster had pivoted to doing outsourced app development for enterprises instead of scrappy entrepreneurs.

So today Dickey announced that he’d left his role as Gigster CEO, with former VMware VP Christopher Keane who’d sold it his startup WaveMaker coming in to lead Gigster in October. Now, Dickey is launching Untitled Labs, a “search lab” designed to test multiple consumer tech ideas in “social and professional networking, mobility, personal finance, premium services, health & wellness, travel, photography, and dating” before building out one

Untitled Labs is starting off with $2.8 million in seed funding from early Gigster investors and other angels including Founders Fund, Felicia Ventures, Caffeinated Capital, Joe Montana’s Liquid Ventures, Ashton Kutcher, Nikita Bier of TBH (acquired by Facebook), and Zynga co-founder Justin Waldron.

Investors lined up after seeing the success of Dickey’s last two search labs. In 2007, his Curiosoft lab revamped classic DOS game Drugwars as a Facebook game called Dopewars and sold it to Zynga where it became the wildly popular …read more

Text-Based Crime MMORPG ‘TORN’ Heading to iOS on January 31st

One of the ultra-popular mobile gaming hits in the early days of the App Store was Zynga’s Mafia Wars, which was *ahem* heavily inspired by the Facebook gaming phenomenon Mob Wars to the point that the creator of Mob Wars actually sued Zynga over it. All that stuff aside, Mafia Wars was a neat crime game that was about building up your own crew and taking down other crews, fighting, murdering, and collecting loot along the way. Wholesome stuff. It was practically an institution on iOS back in the day, and while Mafia Wars ceased all operations a few years ago, there is another mafia-style game called TORN which has a 14-year history and boasts over 2 million registered users and 27,000 daily players. It’s currently playable in your browser, but at the end of this month it’ll be releasing as a native iOS app.

While TORN is primarily about starting out as a lowly thug and building up your criminal empire, there’s actually a surprising amount of stuff you can do in the game and not all of it is crime related. There are multiple legitimate jobs you can apply for, or you can start your own business, or you …read more

The MLB The Show 19 Wishlist

The MLB franchise has struggled in successive years with the stability and general implementation of its online infrastructure, and hopefully fixing this is a major focus for series’ developer San Diego Studio (SDS). But that’s not the only area that needs work. Here’s an offseason to-do list for a franchise that’s at a crossroads between executing on its promise and becoming stagnant.

MLB the Show 19 Wishlist


  • Players didn’t like MLB the Show 18’s hitting, whether it was a case of there being a discrepancy between offline and online hitting, actual versus expected contact outcomes, or simply what kinds of hits they were getting. SDS released multiple patches to try and address the hitting, but people still weren’t happy with it. I have no idea exactly how SDS can address the issue – it’s likely due to a rabbit hole of interconnected variables, and might not be easy to fix. However, hitting this year has been, at a minimum, divisive, so here’s hoping MLB 19 addresses the issue in some way.
  • Games’ online meta dictating the strongest gameplay strategies at any given point changes after release, and one of MLB 18’s pitching metas was the strength of low offspeed pitches and, conversely, the fact …read more

The Hits And Misses Of Overwatch League

The most accurate and damning review of Overwatch League’s first season came moments after the London Spitfire were crowned champions on July 28, 2018. In a post-game press conference, Spitfire player Bdosin seemed somewhat disappointed by the competition in the Grand Finals, saying “I didn’t think it would be this easy. I hope next year we play against a stronger team.”

He’s right. The Spitfire obliterated the Philadelphia Fusion in the two days of championship battles. For the millions of people watching live on Twitch and ESPN, it looked like the Spitfire stole candy from a baby – only they walked away with $1 million in prize money instead of a sucker.

The competition was so uneven over the course of the season that the Shanghai Dragons lost every match, leading to one of the longest losing streaks in the history of professional sports. They ended up going 0-40. The only good to come from the Dragons’ inability to push payloads was the moniker of becoming Overwatch League’s Lovable Losers. Step aside, Chicago Cubs. A new team deserves this title. People tuned in to the Dragons’ matches with hopes of seeing that illusive first win.

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‘Rangers of Oblivion’ Review – What the Behemoth Is Going On?

Tell me there’s a game like Monster Hunter on my mobile phone and I’ll be all over it quicker than a Tigrex through my Rarity 3 armor set. I’m not as active a mobile gamer as I should be outside of my MOBA niche, so the release of NetEase’s action RPG “Rangers of Oblivion (Free)” took me completely by surprise last week. Jumping at the opportunity to beat up some massive monsters on the go (or in bed, most likely), I tracked down the game on my two devices of choice and got to work. My first impressions of the game stemmed from a quick watch of its launch trailer, opening cinematic, and a delightfully high-res log-in screen. It’s naïve to judge a game by what is essentially its cover, but coming from a relatively limited mobile gaming background, I hadn’t been this intrigued since Mobius Final Fantasy or the original Infinity Blade before that.

And this feeling of wonder wasn’t lost upon logging in for the first time, either. A relatively robust character creator allows you to make the “ranger” of your choosing. There aren’t any additional races to choose from other than your standard high-fantasy …read more

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Gameplay Deep Dive With Its Co-Director

In the same way Kingdom Hearts 3’s story looks to meld all the disparate threads from each entry in the series, its gameplay looks to be a similar melting pot of franchise history.

Refining the staples of the series — magic, summons, and good ol’ fashioned Keyblade bashing — while integrating ideas from other entries and throwing in new mechanics, there is A LOT going on in Kingdom Hearts 3’s combat. So much so that we wanted to break down as many of the different pieces as possible. And IGN got the chance to do so with KH3 co-director Tai Yasue.

Read on for Yasue’s thoughts on the many aspects of Kingdom Hearts 3’s gameplay characters can expect to encounter, and be sure to check out IGN’s hands-off Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay preview for more.

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‘Rangers of Oblivion’ Guide: Best Weapons, Wild Souls, And How To Invite Friends

Welcome to the TouchArcade Rangers of Oblivion guide. Created by NetEase and GTArcade, Rangers of Oblivion is a third-person action RPG designed to bring the gameplay of classics like Monster Hunter, God Eater, and Toukiden to the mobile front. Stuffed full of more traditional MMO quests, Rangers of Oblivion is something of a hybrid in the genre, mixing bewilderingly good mobile graphics with zone-based overworld combat and quests.

Veterans of the genre will feel well equipped in this world from the get-go, but newcomers are bound to feel a little out of their depth. This RoO guide should get new players off on the right foot while offering something of a tidy reference for even experienced players diving into the game for the first time.

Rangers of Oblivion – Getting Started

After a beefy download on the log-in page, you’ll be ushered in the character creator screen. There’s a slim chance this will be your first time with such a system, but it’s worth pointing out that the cosmetic choices you make here won’t affect your gameplay in any meaningful way. Just consider this a role-playing element. You’re free to choose between male and female characters and a plethora of hairstyles.

From there, you …read more