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Black Ops 4 Tops Survey of Most Anticipated 2018 Games for This Holiday Season

The recently released Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has topped a survey of 2018’s most anticipated games for this holiday season.

The UBS survey reported on by Business Insider (via Statista) is based on the responses of 5,000+ consumers aged 18-44 in the US, UK, Germany, Japan and China. The survey’s results show a highly promising holiday season for the gaming industry.

Of those surveyed, 6% of respondents said they had already purchased or preordered Black Ops 4, with 34% saying they were likely to buy the game. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey reached second, with 4% purchased or preordered and 33% likely to buy, and Red Dead Redemption 2 snagging third with 5% preordered and 31% likely to buy.

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16-Year-Old Becomes New Tetris World Champion

Seven-time winner of the Classic Tetris World Championship in Portland, OR, Jonas Neubauer took second-place at the competition this past weekend.

As reported by Kotaku, Neubauer was bested by 16-year-old Joseph Saelee, who won in three-game streak during a best-of-five series.

“The kid played with pure heart, the most clutch Tetris that we’ve seen from anyone,” Neubauer said. “He just really had the ability, had the natural ability, and let it shine as bright as he could in his first tournament.

truly an honor to pass the torch to the new generation of Tetris players.”

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Cowboy, the Belgian e-bike startup, raises €10M Series A

Cowboy, the Belgium startup that’s designed and sells a smarter electronic bicycle, has raised €10 million in Series A funding.

Leading the round is Tiger Global Management, with participation from previous backers Index Ventures, and Hardware Club. The new capital will be used to scale operations, and expand beyond Belgum into Germany, U.K., Netherlands, and France.

Founded in January 2017 by Adrien Roose and Karim Slaoui, who both previously co-founded Take Eat Easy (an early Deliveroo competitor), and Tanguy Goretti, who was previously co-founded ridesharing startup Djump, Cowboy set out to build and sell direct a better designed and e-bike.

This included making the Cowboy lighter in weight and more stylish than models from incumbents, and adding automatic motor assistance. The latter utilises built-in sensor technology that measures speed and torque, and adjusts to pedaling style and force to deliver an added boost of motor-assisted speed at key moments e.g. when you start pedaling, accelerate or go uphill.

In addition, Cowboy’s “smart” features powered by the Cowboy app enables the device to be switched on and off, track location, provide “ride stats,” and support remote troubleshooting and software updates. A theft detection feature is also promised …read more

Here Are All the Nintendo Switch Bundles Coming Out This Year

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Nintendo Switch is kind of a big deal. We’ve had some great bundles in the past, like the Splatoon 2 bundle and the Mario Odyssey bundle with the red Joy-cons. Those are no longer being offered by Nintendo, but you can still pick them up from third-party sellers for a bit of a premium.

If you want your Nintendo Switch to stand out from the crowd, be it an exclusive dock and Joy-con color scheme, or just a bundle with extra goodies, Nintendo has been steadily dropping new bundles since its last Direct. Here are the upcoming Nintendo Switch bundles, some of which you can preorder and some which are available right now.

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God of War Director to Deliver PAX South 2019 Keynote

God of War Director, Cory Barlog, will deliver the opening “Storytime” keynote at PAX South 2019 in San Antonio, TX.

Barlog served as the lead animator on the original God of War after joining Sony in 2003. He wrote and directed God of War 2, and took home a BAFTA award for his writing. Barlog continued to contribute on the franchise installments, including God of War: Chains of Olympus and God of War: Ghost of Sparta. He later left Sony in 2009 for LucasArts, Crystal Dynamics, among others.

In 2013, Barlog returned to Sony to direct the newest installment of God of War, which received high praise across the board.

“Doing a sequel to a beloved game is a unique challenge, and so is rebooting a franchise for a modern audience – Cory Barlog has done both,” Co-founder of Penny Arcade, Jerry Holkins said. “We’re overjoyed to have him join us at PAX South. If I get the chance, I’m gonna tell him about this place I know in San Antonio where they make the guacamole with Orange Juice instead of Lime. It sounds crazy, but it works.”

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Submit Your Questions For Our Dreams Podcast Interview

All month long we’ve been rolling out exclusive information on Dreams from Media Molecule. Now’s your chance to ask the game’s developers anything you want about the upcoming PS4 game!

In an upcoming episode of The Game Informer Show podcast (which you can subscribe to here) we’ll be speaking with Dreams’ creative director Mark Healey and Media Molecule’s studio director Siobhan Reddy, in an interview fueled entirely by the questions you submit in the comments section below.

Click on the banner below to visit our constantly-updating hub full of exclusive features on Dreams.

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24-Second Red Dead 2 Gameplay Leak Has Everyone Excited

Red Dead Redemption 2 is only a few days away, but it has just experienced one of its first major leaks — and it has fans very excited.

The leak, which first appeared on a Resetera thread, is a 24-second video showing protagonist Arthur Morgan getting off his horse seemingly during an interrogation, only to quickly shoot down the interrogators. Though some get away, the last one Arthur shoots gets a special focus in a kill cam, slow-motion look at his death.

Fans all over the Internet are reacting to the footage, some noting how great it looks, others discussing its UI, the impressive gunshot audio, and some warning others of the likelihood of more, spoiler-heavy leaks potentially coming.

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Reigns: Game Of Thrones Review: A Westerosi Romp

After nearly a decade, the end of the Game of Thrones TV show is in sight. Fortunately, fans of the series have

Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6Gallery image 7Gallery image 8Gallery image 9Gallery image 10

The game is well suited to mobile, where you can quickly knock out a brief run. It’s designed to be replayed over and over as you take different paths and try different rulers and approaches. In time, you recognize patterns and scenarios that emerge repeatedly, and playing begins to feel like exploring an elaborate maze. You can’t save your progress during any run, so you’re unable to do the old choose-your-adventure book trick of peeking ahead to see if you’re making the “wrong” choice. While there were times that I …read more

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Jade Raymond Leaves EA Motive

Motive Studios founder, Jade Raymond, has left the company, according to Electronic Arts.

Samantha Ryan, who currently runs EA’s mobile, Maxis and Bioware, will now oversee Motive Studios as well.

A representative for EA told IGN in a statement:

“EA Studios is focused on bringing more creative new games and content to players. Laura Miele and her team have taken several steps internally to better support our game makers in this pursuit, such as expanding Samantha Ryan’s portfolio to lead additional studios, including Motive. Samantha is known for driving creative design and supporting game teams so they can bring their visions to life. She is a deeply experienced game-maker with a gameography that spans from The Sims to Batman: Arkham City to No One Lives Forever to the highly-anticipated Anthem. With this change, Jade Raymond has decided to leave Electronic Arts. In her time with us, Jade helped to build great teams, and our projects underway at Motive and other studios continue unchanged. We’re appreciative of all of her efforts, and we wish Jade all the best as she moves on to her next adventure. We are driving greater creativity into everything we do across EA Studios, and we’ll look forward to sharing …read more

Ranking Every Single Rockstar Game

Over the past two decades, Rockstar Games has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the games industry. Rising up from quirky Scotland-based developers with a taste for pulp and crime fiction, Rockstar evolved radically, shifting into innovators and provocateurs, creating some of the industry’s most influential and blockbuster titles. In the lead up to the eagerly anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2, we came together as a staff to rank every single game that Rockstar developed (this means we excluded published titles like L.A. Noire and Smuggler’s Run). From the humble top-down beginnings of Grand Theft Auto to the blood-soaked streets of Manhunt and the beautiful jaw-dropping vistas of Red Dead Redemption, you’ll find every single title put in its proper place in terms of influence, importance of innovation, and just plain fun.

With all that in mind, let’s steal a ride and roar down this road to hell. …

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