Return Of The Obra Dinn Review – The Good Ship

Like Lucas Pope’s previous game,

Like most insurance clerks, one suspects, you are also equipped with a magical pocket watch that, when opened and activated in the presence of a corpse, allows you to travel back in time to the moment of the person’s death. It’s almost literally a single moment, too, as the screen fades to black and you hear but a few seconds of speech or other sounds leading up to the fatal incident before you find yourself inside a scene that’s been frozen in time, and the investigation begins.

In this space (which, like the entire game is explored in first-person) you can walk around a confined section of the ship but you cannot interact with anything. You can only zoom in for a closer look at any object, and beyond the immediate surroundings, the background just fades out into nothingness. The entire game is presented in a starkly beautiful monochromatic color scheme, a graphical style described by the developer as “1-bit”. When still, it resembles something from an early ’80s PC, albeit displaying at a much higher resolution. But in motion, when you’re walking around the decks, it looks quite unlike anything seen before–a …read more

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Top 25 Xbox One Games

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If you’re just now getting yourself an Xbox One, we have good news: you’ve got a lot of fantastic games to play. These are the best 25 games you can play on your Xbox One, as ranked by a humble crew of IGN’s biggest and most knowledgeable Xbox One fans. Review scores mattered, but we also factored in things like ways each game took advantage of the Xbox One, design risks taken that you should see, curiosities, etc. Enjoy!

Minecraft is excellent for many reasons, but the most important is that it both encourages and encourages a sense of wonder. That mountain in the distance? You can burrow into it. You can make your home inside it and cover it with lava so it’s spooky and cool. And then you can dig deep into the ground to find treasure and fight monsters. Minecraft can be played as a do-what-you-want sandbox, but there are enough game systems and rules to structure your time into a “campaign,” if that’s what you’re after. Few games have set the world on fire …read more

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Return of the Obra Dinn Review

Almost nothing moves on the Obra Dinn, but it’s still one of the most lively video game boats I’ve been on. Its crew may be long gone, but that doesn’t stop them from having interesting voices and complex stories to tell — most of which involve horrific deaths. I’ve never played a game quite like Return of the Obra Dinn, but now that I have, all I want is more.

This investigative story skillfully straddles the line between an adventure game, a puzzle game, and a gruesome, supernatural, Moby Dick-themed version of Guess Who. At its core, it’s a detective game, but you’re not out on a mission for justice or vengeance. You’re just an insurance evaluator whose job it is to assess the long-since-done damage of a merchant ship called the Obra Dinn, which has mysteriously reappeared after four years lost at sea.

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Bethesda Knows Fallout 76 Beta Will Have Bugs and Wants Your Help

Fallout 76 developer Bethesda Game Studios knows its upcoming beta is bound to have some bugs, and wants players to help find and give advice on issues they encounter while playing.

In a note to its fans, Bethesda was candid about Fallout 76 being a new endeavor for the company, being a “Fallout-Online-Survival-Game” with functionality Bethesda wasn’t used to implementing into its previous open-world games. With the Fallout 76 beta starting tomorrow on the Xbox One, the game’s journey from concept to completion still has some hurdles to cross.

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‘Pokemon GHOST’ – I Mean, ‘Ghostbusters World’ – is Now Available

The long-awaited Ghostbusters-ified answer to Pokemon GO, Ghostbusters World (Free), has finally launched on both iOS and Android today. Well, actually it became available in the wee hours of the morning yesterday but for some reason the game was in maintenance mode for most of the day afterwards. So if you had pre-ordered the game and received an alert that it was out and excitedly rushed off to download the game, well, you were met with disappointment. Not a great first impression, Ghostbusters World. The bright side is that with those issues now sorted I’ve had a chance to check out the game and am actually really impressed with how enjoyable it is.

Now, I have to clarify that aside from that glorious month or so when Pokemon GO hit peak popularity in the summer of 2016 and you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing dozens of people playing the game all over, I don’t really play Pokemon GO. Like, at all. So while I certainly thought Ghostbusters was a perfect fit for the Pokemon GO formula, I wasn’t exactly chomping my fingernails off waiting for the game’s release. And perhaps it’s that lack of expectations that has led me …read more

Spider-Man: The Heist Impressions – A Fantastic Continuation

The first DLC offering for Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man plays like the opening act of a sequel. I assumed the DLC would function as a side story set at an unspecified point in the central story, but it doesn’t skip a beat in continuing from where the core game left off. That means we learn more about Peter Parker and Miles Morales’ shocking moment from a post-credits sequence, and again get to see how Peter can screw up his relationship with Mary Jane Watson. This add-on story is every bit as fascinating and unpredictable as the main game’s. Even Spider-Man’s history with Black Cat carries potential bombshell reveals.

The DLC of note is called The Heist, and it doesn’t take long to realize why. Spider-Man is alerted of a robbery in progress at Manhattan’s Museum of Contemporary Art, and swings in to investigate. He quickly realizes he isn’t dealing with a singular art thief. Along with Black Cat, another crime family is stirring up trouble and all parties are gunning for a particular painting. This is where things get interesting, and take a turn for the worse. Spidey soon finds himself stretched thin, trying to figure out how all of the pieces …read more

Out This Week: Red Dead Redemption 2, Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales, PAW Patrol: On a Roll

With so many new games and movies coming out, it can be hard to keep up. Lucky for you, IGN is here to help with a weekly round-up of the biggest releases each and every week. Check out the latest releases for this week, and be sure to come back next Monday for a new update.

Note: The prices and deals compiled below are accurate at the time we published this story, but all are subject to change.

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Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Review – Zombies, Blackout, Multiplayer

Just over a week since release, developer Treyarch has rolled out numerous updates for Black Ops 4. The latest such Gallery image 3


Multiplayer is the most straightforward of the modes, and Black Ops 4 attempts to be more tactical than previous entries. The wall-running and thrust-jumping of Black Ops 3 is gone, replaced with weighty, grounded movement, and healing is now manual and on a cooldown timer. The combination forces you to be more thoughtful about your positioning, since you can’t just jet and dodge enemy fire until your health regenerates–you need to make sure you have adequate cover and time to heal yourself in your immediate vicinity. This encourages a slightly slower, more cautious pace on an individual level, and it’s refreshing to play it smart instead of just fast. But time-to-kill is still low and respawning still near-instant, ensuring that matches don’t stagnate.

The more tactical feel extends to the Specialists, which build upon those introduced in Black Ops 3. Each has a unique weapon and equipment with a specific combat focus, like area control or high damage output. Each Specialist’s weapon is tied to …read more

The Madden 19 Afterwords

Madden 19’s launch in August didn’t go as smoothly as developer EA Tiburon hoped. A host of bugs surfaced, and the game’s new RPM motion system wasn’t an unqualified leap forward for the series, among other criticisms.

The game has been improved across the board since launch, including addressing some specific problems I asked the development team about when I initially submitted my questions. I’ve nevertheless included those questions (the responses come from Mike Young (creative director), JP Kellams (development director), and Clint Oldenburg (lead gameplay designer)) since they show the game’s progress.

So read on to find out the team’s answers regarding what’s been going on with Madden 19 and what may be addressed in the future.

In fans’ feedback, what has been the most well-received aspect of the game as well as something that they haven’t been as enamored with?
We’ve heard a lot of good feedback around RPM Tech, the updates to Ultimate team, and the return to PC. It feels really good, as those are some key things we focused on this year and we worked really hard to implement correctly.

On the other end of the spectrum, we’re looking at how to make Schemes more meaningful and cleaning …read more

Fast-Paced Beat ‘Em Up ‘Rockabilly Beatdown’ Goes Hot Roddin’ in Latest Update

Rockabilly Beatdown ($0.99) from Rumblecade was released a couple of years ago and offered a neat spin on the beat ’em up genre. It was a strictly side-scrolling affair and rather than playing through pre-defined levels you were dropped into a level filled with never ending waves of bad guys which you would punch away at as they approached from either side of the screen. The simplistic style lent itself well to touchscreen controls and there was a nice rhythm to the action once you warmed up to the unique timing of attacks. What really brought this endless punch-a-thon together was an extensive set of unlockable costumes and levels as well as numerous achievements and stat-tracking which gave a sense of progression to the otherwise high-scoring nature of the game.

Despite its simplicity we enjoyed Rockabilly Beatdown in our review, and especially praised it for the fantastic pixel art and its rockabilly style. We also covered one of the more major updates to the game which arrived several months after its release, but as it turns out Rumblecade has been steadily updating the game in the years since too, and we …read more