Opinion – Batman: Arkham Knight Is A Brilliant Use Of An Unpopulated Open World

By Brian Shea

Batman: Arkham Knight delivers on many fronts, including the best narrative found in the series to date and improvements to the already stellar combat mechanics of Arkham games past. Following the feeling of emptiness of Arkham City’s open world, however, Rocksteady’s use of Gotham City in Arkham Knight is the component that’s most improved upon in this entry.

Warning: This article contains minor spoilers to the opening sequences of Batman: Arkham Knight, as well as for some of the side missions.

Rocksteady had a tall order to fill when it expanded the series’ open world to include a larger section of Gotham. Having 6.3 million civilians within the city limits means that the chance for Batman to inadvertently harm one of them – particularly with the Batmobile now in play – was high. Rocksteady worked around this with a narrative reason that not only evacuates the city, but also raises the stakes for the Dark Knight as he fights through some of his darkest hours.

One of the biggest obstacles of open-world games is it’s so easy for players to get sidetracked by inconsequential tasks and distractions. With Arkham Knight, however, the narrative continually pushes you forward, introducing you to the next …read more

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