‘NO LOVE’ is a Sci-Fi RPG About Bettering Your (Evil) Self

By Joel Couture

You’re supposed to be a Darkness that’s out to destroy the world, but who would want to be that? Why not strike out from your sanctuary and find adventure instead?

NO LOVE follows Agro out into a silly, vibrant future where you’ll meet all manner of colorful buddies and oddball foes as you strive to be a better person. Not that being a better person doesn’t require you to thump baddies in turn-based combat sometimes. Still, when you do it, at least you use a bunch of humorous attacks to do it. You’re not out to cruelly beat folks up, after all. Just looking to end some conflicts, here.

NO LOVE offers a great deal of story that “delves into topics regarding the human condition from the perspective of one person,” according to its developer. As it does so, it takes you on a colorful journey filled with vibrant characters with some interesting senses of humor. When combined with the game’s lovely, expressive art style, you get to make some wonderful connections as you all grow together. Or just go through some absurd situations together.

The game also contains a handful of other text-based games within it, in case you’re the …read more

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