‘Mighty Quest For Epic Loot’ Guide: How to Get the Best Gear for Free

By Nick Tylwalk

Kids, looting in real life is bad. Never do it. Looting in video games? Well, that’s a different story. Sometimes the loot grind can be a drag, but when it’s the entire point of the game and is played for laughs to boot, as it is in Ubisoft’s action RPG Mighty Quest For Epic Loot (Free), it can actually be a lot of fun.

The game is set in the land of Opulencia, which was once overflowing with the kind of riches that all fantasy RPGers dream of: awesome weapons and armor, gold, all that good stuff. But the king has been overthrown, or perhaps killed off. Even his former subjects aren’t really sure, but what is clear is that there’s opportunity for you to grab some of that loot back from the monsters who seem to have claimed it, and possibly even see how that throne looks with you sitting in it.

But we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves here. You can’t do any looting until you know the basics, and you’ll want to know how to get the epic loot in the game’s title without dropping too many greenbacks. Let us be your guide on how to succeed …read more

Source:: Touch Arcade

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