‘Land Sliders’ Review – It’s Pretty Great

By Carter Dotson

The folks at Prettygreat, consisting of a few ex-Halfbrick developers, have launched their first game Land Sliders [Free], and it shows that they still have the spark that led them to help create games like Fruit Ninja [$0.99 / Free] and Jetpack Joyride [Free]. This is a high-score chaser where collecting items across the various levels while avoiding danger is the goal, but the mechanic you play the game with is really quite clever: you slide the game world around like you would scroll through a web page. The natural and fun feeling of these controls, along with all the work put into creating an enjoyable game world, make Land Sliders a fantastic game.

What’s so interesting about Land Sliders versus other Crossy-style games is that it’s a game about exploration. There’s not really any time-based factor compelling you to advance, at least that I ever saw. You are rewarded for going around the levels and picking up as many of the items as you can possibly get, with a bonus for collecting all of the items in a level, before you warp on to the next one. But, of course, you have to deal with the …read more

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