Katamari Damacy’s Creator on Wattam’s Insane Initial Concept

By Cam Shea

Wattam, the latest project from Katamari Damacy and Noby Noby Boy designer Keita Takahashi, has been a long time coming. Many many years at this point. In that time, it’s shifted publishers from Sony to Annapurna Interactive, its team has been broken down and then rebuilt and it’s switched game engines, but one thing hasn’t changed – it’s still a game about creating colourful explosions that send its bizarre cast of anthropomorphic creatures into gales of laughter.

Of course, I wouldn’t dare call them “creatures” in front of Takahashi. To him, they may be walking, talking flowers, rocks, toilets, poos and blocks of land, but they’re all “people”. Wattam, after all, is a metaphor for the way that people from different countries can find commonalities. We may not all speak the same language, or have a similar culture, but there are things that can bring us together as people. And in the case of Wattam, as mentioned, it’s setting off the bomb that perpetually sits under the hat of the game’s Mayor character.

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Source:: IGN

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