Jotun Preview: Atmospheric Action-Adventure

By Sean Flint

One of the best parts of gaming is participating in epic, well-designed boss fights. We all enjoy overcoming what seems like an impossible challenge, and the feelings of satisfaction that are gained from doing so cannot be compared to anything else. Jotun takes the idea of challenging and unique boss battles and bases an entire game around that principle. Much like Shadow of the Colossus, the only gameplay in-between boss fights, is getting to other boss fights.

When I first booted up the alpha, I was met by a bit of text describing the backstory of the game. The basic version is that you play as Thora, who unfortunately did not meet her demise in as glorious a way as she could have hoped. In order to enter Valhalla, Thora must prove herself to the Gods by defeating the hulking behemoths. However, she is not alone in her journey. Thora receives powers from the Gods, which assist her in and out of battle.

Jotun is an empty game. I experienced feelings of loneliness while exploring the frozen wastelands, as I saw neither a person nor an animal for the entirety of …read more

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