Foursaken Media Soft Launches ‘Adventure Company’ Just Days After Releasing ‘War Tortoise’

By Carter Dotson

Foursaken Media is blasting through 2016 at an epic pace. We’re not even a third of the way through the year and they’ve already released All is Lost [Free] and War Tortoise [Free]. Heck, War Tortoise has barely been out for 48 hours as of publication and already Foursaken is getting game number three this year ready. Their action-RPG Adventure Company, which we’ve written about before, has just soft launched in several countries. Yes, two days after War Tortoise‘s launch. Heck, even if they waited a week that would be a pretty quick pace, but if it’s ready, it’s ready, right?

Well, I guess this isn’t technically ‘ready’ yet, but if you’re in New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, or the Netherlands – or can fake it well enough – you can try out this game ahead of release. And if you want to provide feedback to Foursaken, which they could use, there’s a forum thread they’re participating in where you can tell them your thoughts on the game so far.

New Zealand iTunes Link: Adventure Company

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