First Details, Video of Burnout Successor Dangerous Driving Revealed

By Ryan McCaffrey

If the Dangerous Driving video above looks a bit familiar and hits you right in the nostalgia portion of your soul, that’s by design. Three Fields Entertainment, formed almost five years ago by Burnout co-creators Fiona Sperry, Alex Ward, and a number of other former Criterion developers, has been building up to this moment for a while. The team learned the Unreal Engine and got its feet wet with the engine’s physics system in its first project, Dangerous Golf, and then dipped its toe in the Burnout waters with Danger Zone. 2018’s Danger Zone 2 (see my review below) got us closer to the glory days of Burnout’s Crash Mode than ever, and now Dangerous Driving looks to do the same for Burnout’s other memorable mode, Road Rage.

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Source:: IGN

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