Every Transformation In Super Mario Odyssey

By Kyle Hilliard

There are more than 50 transformations in Super Mario Odyssey. You will get most of them as you play through the game normally, but there are a few off-the-beaten path and optional transformations that are a little bit tougher to find. Below, you will find the full transformation list, along with notes on where to find them. Note that, especially near the end, there are some big SPOILERS for the game’s ending and post-ending content.

If you’re more of a visual learner, we’ve also compiled this list in a form everyone is familiar with – the PokéRap. Leo Vader took the list, made it rhyme (mostly), and set it all to song. Enjoy.

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1. Frog
It’s hard to miss this one. It’s the first transformation you get, and it trains you on the process.

2. Spark Pylon
Another that’s hard to miss. You use it to get from the first world to the second, and you see it a lot in Metro Kingdom.

3. Paragoomba
The easiest place to get the Paragoomba is to return to Cap Kingdom after finishing the game. They are everywhere.

4. Chain Chomp
This is one of the …read more

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