Epic Games receives an ‘F’ from the Better Business Bureau

By Jordan Crook

The Fortnite community may be polite, but that doesn’t mean they’re getting the customer service they deserve. The Better Business Bureau gave Fortnite maker Epic Games an “F,” the lowest possible grade.

The Better Business Bureau, which is not a government agency but rather a national network of nonprofits that measures how well businesses handle dispute resolution and relays that information to customers, says that 247 of 271 BBB complaints filed in the last year have gone unanswered by Epic.

An Epic spokesperson told Kotaku that “Epic Games is not affiliated with the Better Business Bureau and has redirected all player submitted complaints from the BBB to our Player Support staff.”

Kotaku points out that the BBB isn’t necessarily above reproach. TIME reported in 2013 that the one branch of the BBB based in Los Angeles had been involved in a pay-to-play scheme:

While the BBB offers consumers many services—lists of popular scams to watch out for and such—the organization’s mission isn’t to have your back. From top to bottom, the BBB is funded by the annual dues paid by businesses it anoints with “accreditation,” which allows the companies to put those iconic BBB stamps of …read more

Source:: Tech Crunch Gaming

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