Dungeon Crawler ‘Heckle Dungeon’ Annoys its Foes into Giving Up

By Joel Couture

Hitting monsters is just so mean. Why not just poke and bother them until they choose to leave you alone? Isn’t that a much more peaceful option for an annoying fairy?

Heckle Dungeon casts you as a pesky fairy that just really enjoys bothering people and creatures. Hearing that an artifact at the bottom of a dungeon can create the ultimate irritation, you set out to make your way down so that you can really get on everyone’s nerves. Your bothersome abilities will be tested along the way, though, as you agitate creature after creature in the winding depths.

The dungeon is a twisting, sprawling complex, meaning you’re going to want to start mapping out your journey quickly. It doesn’t take long before the snarl of paths becomes a challenge to navigate, and the monsters you’re bothering are more than happy to thump you. They’re not as keen about just bugging you, and considering how much you’re getting on their nerves, you’re not likely to last long once they decide to start hitting you.

You can find some backup throughout Heckle Dungeon, stumbling across other wanderers who are just as happy to bug monsters as you are. Maybe they can raise a …read more

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