‘Clash Royale’-Like Competitive PvP ‘Castle Burn’ Soft Launching Soon

By Tasos Lazarides

Castle Burn is an upcoming real-time competitive strategy game that hopes to offer a fun take on the Clash Royale formula. Castle Burn uses a card-based army system that allows you to discover new units and upgrade existing units, but also appears to add some wrinkles to the Clash Royale recipe with the ability to add new cards to your deck as you play and with buildings being more important to the overall economy. Castle Burn also has heroes you can deploy as you try to tilt the battle to your favor. It’s hard to judge how close to Clash Royale the game will be, and it might be unfair to describe a game as a Clash Royale clone just because it uses the same map style. We’ll have to play it and see.

Castle Burn will be soft launching for Android in the Philippines August 11 followed by an iOS soft launch in Thailand and Australia late August-early September. The developers hope to release the game Fall 2017. In the meantime, go find out more about the game in our Upcoming Games forum thread.

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Source:: Touch Arcade

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