Singtel takes fight to Whatsapp by launching its own chat app

Singtel, Singapore’s largest telco, has launched a Whatsapp competitor called Wavee. The free-to-use app promises high-quality voice and video calls and the ability to send instant messages. It claims to be the first telco in Southeast Asia to launch something like this.

The app is available worldwide on the Google Play and Apple App Store. It does not allow advertising. While using Whatsapp can rake up data costs, Singtel will waive all local data charges for people who use Wavee on Singtel’s postpaid and prepaid mobile plans. The offer lasts till July 9, 2015.

Wavee gives users the ability to attach photos, videos, sketches, audio files, and documents to messages. They can share their current location, and send messages and files while chatting on voice at the same time. Android users have the extra option of choosing Wavee as the default SMS app. This feature is coming to iOS, it says.

The app is taking a page from Line and WeChat by offering “locally themed” stickers. By the second half of 2015, it will let Wavee make calls to any local number.

Singtel is positioning itself as a major player in the apps space, or what the industry calls “over-the-top services.” …read more

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New Black Ops 3 Zombies and Story Details Revealed

A hidden paragraph in the source code of the official Call of Duty website offers new details about Black Ops III.

We’re posting the full paragraph below (spotted by Charlie Intel), but these are the details you need to know:

  • Zombies mode is coming back. This isn’t a huge surprise, considering both previous Black Ops games included the undead. Still, it’s an excellent additional mode that gives players something to do aside from multiplayer.
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Why the Deus Ex Sequel Makes us so Happy


The announcement of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided has the Unlocked crew standing as Fankind United. Yes, we’re excited. We break down the newly revealed new-gen sequel, including where we think it’s heading and how we prefer to brush up on the last game. Plus: Quantum Break gets officially moved to 2016 (called it!), former Xbox executive Don Mattrick escapes his first post-Xbox job on a golden parachute, Phil Spencer would like to see Banjo in Super Smash Bros. (plus: who we think should make a new Banjo game on Xbox), and more! And be sure to check out the full video episode on your big screen via the IGN Xbox One app!

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AU/NZ: 1500 Heroes of the Storm Beta Keys Up for Grabs

Blizzard’s upcoming team brawler Heroes of the Storm is having a hugely successful closed beta and we want to give you a chance to get in on the action. This is the game, after all, that brings more than 20 years of Blizzard games together, with characters and locations from Warcraft, StarCraft and Diablo all represented. (Alongside a fair bit of whimsy – just check out the trailer below.) Not only that, but it’s designed to be an accessible entry-point to a genre that’s famous for its steep learning curve, without sacrificing any depth.

The closed beta currently has 35 playable heroes, including icons like Diablo, Sylvanas, Kerrigan, Thrall and Jaina Proudmoore. Each sits within one of four overarching roles – Assassin, Warrior, Support and Specialist – but is entirely unique.

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Paperbound Review

In Paperbound, warriors rip through their paper confines to perform gravity defying battles across a host of colorful worlds. Ninjas clash with guardians of Egyptian pyramids, while demons and skull-headed monstrosities fight tooth and claw. Paperbound is a frantic arena game promising hours of vivid combat, though some flaws make sure those hours are short.


In Paperbound, warriors rip through their paper confines to perform gravity-defying battles across a host of colorful worlds.

Much of that fun comes quickly, thanks to Paperbound’s effortless combat. The game offers a trinity of attacks: melee, projectiles, and bombs. Every one of the cartoonish characters come with his or her own aesthetically different, but functionally equal melee weapon–a comically oversized pencil, perhaps, or a sword–in addition to scissors to throw and an ink bomb. A flick of the right analogue stick sends a pair of glimmering scissors slicing through the air, instantly killing any foe it reaches, while holding a shoulder button down allows you to prep an ink bomb (a little red inkwell) in place of the scissors. You get one pair of scissors; a small icon floating above your head …read more

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Bungie’s Weekly Update Details Destiny’s PVP Changes

While Bungie still is not ready to reveal a release date for the next major Destiny update, the studio has shed light on yet another noteworthy change coming to the game’s competitive mode.

According to the developer’s weekly update, ammo within the Crucible is getting a few modifications in order to change the the general flow of PVP matches. As such, Special ammunition will be a “more precious resource,” as Bungie seeks to create a more balanced landscape for those playing against one another online.

Limiting high-damage weapons and clearly defining the role of Heavy ammo within the shared-world shooter’s PVP is a major goal of the studio as well, undoubtedly altering the way gamers will have to approach online battles.

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Opinion – Bring Back Cheat Codes

Even though the possibilities in video games are theoretically endless, our activities in them are still bound by rules. You only have so much health. Your gun only holds so many bullets. You can only jump so high. These limitations add structure and tension to the gameplay – but aren’t rules even more fun when you can break them?

Following the rules allows us to experience games as their developers intend, but it isn’t always what I want. Sometimes I want to bypass a frustrating mechanic, or get something different out of a game after I’ve seen everything it offers. For that, I use cheat codes – or at least I did.

At Game Informer, we used to have a section of the magazine devoted to codes called “Secret Access.” We discontinued it back in 2009 (and it focused more on strategies from developers than codes in that final stretch). We didn’t stop because people didn’t want codes – we stopped because the well dried up. There simply weren’t codes to print. These days, the ability to enter a code and reap the benefits is rare, and that’s a shame.

Cheat codes were a key part of the …read more

APAC Startup Funding Landscape in 2015: Report

The Asia-Pacific region has witnessed a burgeoning startup ecosystem in recent years. A survey conducted by angel investor Arnaud Bonzom shed more light on the APAC startup landscape, giving more detail on investments received in the region.

APAC startups have captured a combined US$9.4 billion in venture capital funding across a total of 436 investments, according to Arnaud’s report, which is based on data and insights collected by Starintx from a wide range of sources, including public and private companies, media and government agencies. Thirty VC funds in the region closed a total US$4.44 billion investments with the largest single deal standing at US$910 million.

The report summed up five key trends in the venture capital landscape so far this year:

  • e-commerce and marketplaces captured 53 per cent of the investments by value
  • Out of the eleven biggest funds launched, four were set up by a corporation
  • Nine out of the ten biggest deals were done in China
  • 67 per cent more deals have been done in India than in China
  • The ten most active VCs have closed 29 per cent of the deals

As the largest economic entity in the region, China accounts for nine out of the ten biggest deals. Dianping, China’s leading local …read more