India High Court Permits Xiaomi To Send 100K Handsets Home Following Ericsson-Led Infringement Suit

Xiaomi has been given permission to bring 100,000 Redmi Note 3G handsets back to Honk Kong from India in the wake of an infringement dispute with Swedish telecoms giant Ericsson. The New Delhi High Court handed down the decision today, over five months after the phones were banned in India.

The handsets have been stuck in limbo since Ericsson lodged a case on December 8th of last year claiming that Xiaomi had violated hardware infringement laws. Ericsson has agreed to the latest decision, which requires Xiaomi to keep a strict inventory of the phones as they make arrangements for them to be returned to Hong Kong.

While Xiaomi has managed to launch other handsets in India since the initial ban, the Redmi Note 3G Handsets have been gathering dust in a holding facility owned by e-commerce retail platform Flipkart, who are the designated retail partner for the Redmi Note 3G in India, as well as other Xiaomi products.

Xiaomi’s Mediatek processor is the hardware component at the heart of Ericsson’s infringement claim. The Chinese handset maker has been forbidden to retail its Mediatek-powered handsets since December 2014, along with any manufacturing, advertisement and import procedures related to the allegedly infringed technology.

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Lego Worlds Collide in Lego Dimensions

There was a moment, probably even a second, in the Lego Dimensions demo where I saw Superman flying high above the Emerald City in Oz. It’s really all I wanted to see from the game to know it was headed in the right direction. Happily, during my time playing the game and discussing its vision with Traveler’s Tales CEO John Burton, I discovered even more reasons to be encouraged about the direction of Lego’s first digital toys-to-life experience.

Last year’s The Lego Movie, for which Burton served as producer, proved that mash-ups of competing properties could work, both critically as well as commercially. It’s a dream that Burton has been chasing for eight years. While working on the Indiana Jones game, the TT team wanted to bring forward playable characters from the previous Star Wars games. Unfortunately, the licensees didn’t like the idea of seeing characters playing in each other’s worlds, which meant Harry Potter, Batman, and Gollum had to stay in their own — this, despite mixing being key to the Lego DNA.

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Hardware Development Platform HWTrek Gets $4M Series A

HWTrek, a Taipei-based platform that connects hardware startups with manufacturers and other resources, has scored a $4 million series A. The funding was led by WI Harper and ITIC. Legend Star Capital (the investment arm of Legend Holdings, Lenovo’s parent company), Chinese e-commerce platform, and Tokyo venture capital firm Global Brain also participated. Read More …read more

TechCrunch Shanghai 2015 Speaker Lineup: China’s Top Designer Entrepreneurs

As China moves to increase local innovation, design is one aspect of our tech market that is on the up and up.

At a special panel named Design Plus, TechCrunch Shanghai going will invite five top design entrepreneurs to share their experience working at the intersection of technology, entrepreneurship and design.

1. Jason Huang, TANG

Huangfeng1Jason is the founder and CEO of TANG Consulting (Innovation for China), a company committed to bringing innovative design experiences to China’s users. Since 2007, Tang Consulting has provided service to hundreds of clients including Lenovo, ICBC, China Guangfa Bank.

TANG Consulting headquarters are in Shanghai, and have offices and labs in Beijing and Guangzhou for regional project needs. With the support of global partners, TANG provides service for cross-culture projects in 9 locations worldwide.

Prior to TANG, Jason founded UXPA CHINA, a leading Chinese non-profit user experience organization, in 2004 and was the president of this organization for 10 years.

2. Will Zhang, ARK Design

Zhangwenxin2Will is the founder of ARK design and oversees innovation strategy and client experiences. Born and raised in countryside in remote Xinjiang, Will studied aerospace engineering in Beijing. He worked at Siemens for …read more

Australian Travel Startup Tripalocal Secures US $850,000 For Chinese Expansion

Australian Startup Tripalocal has announced $850,000 USD from Euler Capital, hoping to crack into the China outbound travel market, which is expected to double to 200 million by 2020.

Laste Year the Australian Trade and Investment Ministry started offering three-year visas for Chinese tourists. Melbourne-based travel experience platform Tripalocal took this opportunity and started a travel company that features a Chinese translated website.

Tripalocal, which provides Chinese travelers with local experiences in Melbourne and Sydney, was also part of Telstra’s second round of Muru-D participants. Earlier this year, Muru-D took its cohort including Tripalocal to China to introduce them to local startups and investors.

Co-founder and CEO of Tripalocal, Jemma Xu, said she hopes the business will be scalable, and able to expand to other English-speaking countries such as New Zealand in the next 12 months.

Tripalocal already has offices established in Shanghai and Beijing, and it has secured partnerships with a range of Chinese travel companies including Ctrip. The company was also one of fifteen top startups in TechCrunch’s Beijing Disrupt.

Image Credit: Tripalocal

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Trailer Roundup for June 2, 2015

Today’s trailer roundup is composed mostly of Windows-only games, but they range from beautiful and serene to fast-paced and dark.

Amazing Discoveries In Outer Space
PS4 | $TBA | Release TBA

A game about exploring space, scavenging and looking for the way home. The developers are basing the game on astrophysics principles to guide the procedural generation.

Armed with Wings: Rearmed
Windows | reg. $8, 15% off | Early access

This action-packed, monochrome game just entered early access on steam. This newest trailer shows off the action and cutscenes.

Box Out!
Windows | $7 | Available now

Box Out! is a speedrunning-focused platformer in which the playable character has six forms that the player must change between to advance.

Color Assembler
Windows | $TBA | June 3, 2015

From the developer: “Color Assembler is an abstract color mixing puzzle game. Connect the starting colors to various shapes that manipulate colors in their unique way. The goal is to create the target color.”

Windows, maybe others | $TBA | Winter 2016

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