Mortal Kombat X #7 Review

If this comic has any one problem, it’s that it tries to do too much. The mythology driving Mortal Kombat is incredibly complex. There are dozens of characters and numerous factions all jockeying for attention. This comic admirably tries to give each character their due, but too often it falls short.

That flaw is readily apparent in issue #7, whose three chapters offer a mish-mash of storylines. Kotal Kahn’s war with Kintaro and his armies is a central focus, but the chapters frequently shift away to reconnect with Jax and Sonya, Raiden, Scorpion, Mileena and various other familiar faces. There’s frustratingly little focus to the story. And it’s a shame, because sometimes the storytelling is pretty sound. The opening chapter devotes much of its pages to Kotal’s generals, exploring how each came into his service and where their unwavering loyalty stems from. These interludes are interesting, but generally too brief.

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Unlocked: Fallout 4 Reactions


You know what we’re talking about this week: Fallout 4. Join us for a 26-minute reaction segment to the announcement and the trailer. We discuss what gameplay elements the trailer suggests, why we think we’re going to get a very long demo at E3, when we think the game is coming out, and more. Plus: what the Gears of War developer’s studio rebranding means for the series, why the Rise of the Tomb Raider teaser trailer bugged us, details on the big Unlocked 200 celebration, and so much more! It’s a 90-minute epic episode of Podcast Unlocked!

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Musicals and Gaming Suits: An Interview with Pac-Man’s Creator

Smiling and laughing, Professor Toru Iwatani is impressively jovial, considering he just went immediately from a fourteen hour international flight to a large celebration in Pac-Man’s honor. But, such a demeanor is fitting of a man who created one of the most popular arcade games in history.

It’s been thirty-five years since Pac-Man first launched in North America and became one of the most beloved and widely-recognized characters of the classic gaming era. Pac-Man has become deeply embedded in modern popular culture – he has appeared in multiple films, television shows, video games, and licensed products, stretching from Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. for Wii U to an episode of Futurama. People young and old all over the world recognize the wakka wakka sound Pac-Man makes as he chomps his way across the board. They know the ghosts that follow him. He is one of perhaps three video games the average grandmother in Middle America could name.

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Can FAST Racing Neo Fill the F-Zero Shaped Hole in Our Hearts?

Shin’en Multimedia FAST Racing Neo will come to Wii U this year, and it looks like it should scratch the itch Nintendo fans might have for a futuristic racer.

From the game’s screenshots, it looks like a mix between F-Zero and Wipeout. Neither of those series have seen a new release in a while, and so a high-speed, futuristic racer could be a welcome addition to the Wii U library.

FAST Racing Neo is itself a follow-up to 2013’s WiiWare game Fast Racing League. Shin’en Multimedia has been making games for Nintendo platforms for some time, with the superb Nano Assault Neo landing on Wii U in 2012. We gave Nano Assault Neo a 9.0 in our review, by the way.

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Hate the Nazis? You’ll Get to Fight Them in the Adventure Game ‘Lost Horizon,’ Coming From PC to iOS in July

Remember the story about that really cool action hero who fought the Nazis and a supernatural threat in a variety of exotic locales, always with good-looking women by his side? You know, the one whose adventures take place in 1936? Dr. Indiana Jones? Who’s that? I’m talking about Fenton Paddock, the hero of the adventure game Lost Horizon, developed by Animation Arts and first released on the PC in 2010. This adventure game about a daring hero (again, NOT Indiana Jones) was an entertaining adventure game with great visuals (for an adventure game) and strong characters.

Deep Silver FISHLABS, most known for its Galaxy on Fire series, just announced today that it will be bringing the adventure game to iOS in July (an Android release will soon follow). The developers announced that they will add English and German voice-over acting by currently-popular dubbing actors for TV and movie, which, hopefully, translates into some top notch voice-over work. I’ve played this game on the PC, and I found it quite enjoyable. The dialogue was interesting, and the visuals definitely evoked the adventure games of old (in a good way). I hope the game will take advantage of the retina display to …read more

E3 2015 Predictions: Third-Parties & PC

E3 is coming soon, and to get you ready for what may or may not happen, we’ve compiled a list of predictions for third-party companies and the PC space.

A Lot More From Fallout 4 & Bethesda
Bethesda just confirmed the game with its first trailer, and we expect a lot more from the game than just a replay of that awesome teaser at the company’s pre-E3 press conference on Sunday, June 14. The initial trailer offers a tantalizing in-game, look at the title, and – as it has done in the past such as with Skyrim – we expect to see a guided demo of Fallout 4 at the press conference.

We also anticipate more details for Doom and hopefully an update on the Dishonored franchise.

No Kingdom Hearts III
When aren’t fans waiting anxiously for more Kingdom Hearts III? Unfortunately, we don’t expect them to be sated by this year’s convention, but perhaps at Disney Japan’s D23 expo in November. In 2013, Square Enix showed off a trailer at the biennial D23 event, and hopefully we’ll hear or see more of the game at this year’s festivities.

Smugglers & Star Wars
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Preview: ToyQuest Attempts to Bring Your Nightmares to Life

Steam Greenlight is a service that is always chock-full of platformers of various quality levels. I’ve seen the quality range from cubes and spheres all the way up to beautifully hand drawn environments. Platforming games are mainly differentiated by their looks, as there is only so much variation that can occur with that style of gameplay. Recently, I was introduced to a game that was not only visually impressive, but managed to catch my eye with quite the interesting premise. ToyQuest is a platformer in the Metroidvania style set in a world created by your childhood nightmares.

ToyQuest places you in the plastic shoes of Brand, an action figure that has been injected with life, as he fights to defeat the darkness that is threatening his owner. The idea of playing as an action figure is compelling because as a result of Brand’s small size, even the most typical household objects seem gigantic. This means everyday things such as bookshelves become hazardous mountains for the character to attempt to summit.

You have the freedom to explore the entire house, which means that the game features a wide variety of environments to …read more

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‘Skiing Yeti Mountain’ Review – Back on Down the Mountain We Come

Skiing Yeti Mountain [Free] is the kind of game that’s best in a bunch of small doses over time. The gameplay is solid, the controls excellent, and the structure of this skiing game is great for mobile. But in trying ot be this experience that you play over a long time, it doesn’t do a great job at being a game that you’d want to play a lot of in one sitting. It’s a blessing and a curse for Featherweight’s otherwise fun title.

This is a slalom skiing game, where you must ski past each gate on the inidcated side of the gate, or at least hitting the prescribed pole of the gate that the arrow is on. This is a great idea if you’re trying to save time by taking the tightest turns possible, as you’re trying to ski down the mountain as quickly as possible through several hundred levels, each providing a quick challenge. You can just play for completion, or go for the gold on each level.

The controls work great, to such a degree that I think it’s better than a joystick. The degree of motion you get from swiping and dragging across the screen really …read more