Dive in the Brutal Action of CUCARACHA, a Fast Paced Roach-like

I remember playing CUCARACHA back when it was first created as an Indie3 Jam entry. At that time, it was messy and a little unresponsive. I couldn’t even tell what it was all about despite being attracted by its bright colors and what really looked like a legitimately fun gameplay. Now, almost after a whole year, Tnerb released a completely overhauled version of the game, introducing more defined goals and rules while maintaining the chaotic spirit that made its initial prototype so fascinating.

It’s a fast paced top-down action roguelike, and its only goal is as simple as clearing twenty consecutive levels. That’s sarcasm, of course, even because the difficulty of the randomly generated arenas where you’ll find yourself increases at an insane rate. To move on, you’re required to find the exit of every level rather than killing all the enemies on the floor. However, a good amount of exploration is also needed so that you can acquire upgrades and important stats boosts hidden in little cabins that are difficult to distinguish when put close to the multicolored walls.

Ammo is a valuable resource besides your HP, because as …read more

Slender: The Arrival Review

Slender Man has captured a large part of the popular psyche–large enough that two girls stabbed a third girl 19 times, and other children commit acts of arson, all in his name. I can’t help but blend those headlines with subsequent forays into the Slender Man mythos. Although he is without a doubt fictitious–a legend manufactured wholecloth in full view of the internet’s many denizens–he’s transcended himself. He’s now a self-reinforcing curiosity of the modern era, reflecting the deep-seated fears of our connected culture.

For those unfamiliar with this phenomenon, Slendy, as some affectionately call him, was born on the internet forums of the 21st century. A few Photoshop projects featured a thin, suited figure without an apparent face. The first few images of him depicted children running away–and right there, we have the seeds for a great ghost story. He is the embodiment of the unknown, and he preys on the weakest among us–children. From that point on, he became a meme in the truest sense of the word, evolving and changing to suit whatever the population thought would yield the most easily shared terror.

Slender Man is …read more

Replay – Largo Winch: Commando SAR

Largo Winch is a 1970’s Belgian comic-book series that follows Largo Winczlav, a young orphan who inherits billions of dollars and the keys to a business empire when his stepfather is murdered. Largo quickly learns that business is ruthless and that there are people in the world who will stop at nothing to get what he has. What they don’t know is Largo is resourceful and willing to go to any length to protect his empire.

In the years following the launch of the comic book, Largo Winch has been adopted into a movie, television series, and a handful of games – most of which never made their way stateside. In this week’s Replay episode, we take a look at one game that did come to our shores: Largo Winch: Commando SAR for PlayStation. Developed by Rebellion Games and published by Ubisoft, this 2001 gem handles stealth gameplay a little differently than you’ve likely seen before. Bad game player, Tim Turi, does his best to make Largo look like the “jet-set super hero” that the game’s box says he is. As if I need to say it, this is a rough ride, folks.

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Choose Your Retro RPG Flavor in Dragon Fantasy: The Volumes of Westeria

I really miss NES and SNES era RPGs some days. Then I remember fighting ogres outside of Elfland for like eight thousand hours, or the days spent creeping through dungeons only to lose to the first stupid boss in Dragon Warrior, and I smarten up. Still, there is an odd charm to the mercilessness of monstrosities and turn-based combat that draws me back to the vicious entries in the genre, and it’s been captured (and thankfully softened up a little bit) in Dragon Fantasy: The Volumes of Westeria (Formerly Dragon Fantasy: Book I), which is now available on Steam.

Do you feel more nostalgic for NES or SNES visuals and sound while you’re dying in the dirt in some cave? Dragon Fantasy: The Volumes of Westeria lets the player choose which style of experience they prefer, switching between the two eras with a little slider. Both have had an equal amount of hard work put into them, and it can be fun to switch from one to the other depending on your mood and how you’d best like to experience the game’s silly storyline. Poking fun at old RPGs, the game …read more

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The TouchArcade Show – 200 – Vegas, Baby

Recorded live in Las Vegas, episode #200 tells the tale of 100oz daiquiris, walking all over the place, secret video games, and so much more. We also touch on Jared’s wicked obsession with Mortal Kombat X, our try-on experience with the Apple Watch, and the drama of the week which includes both Hearthstone and Angry Birds Go. Audio quality is a little weird as we just recorded with my MacBook Air’s mic, so we just did a short episode. We’ll be back next week with a semi-normal episode of The TouchArcade Show, maybe.

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